This game looks awesome

#1completeboyPosted 11/10/2012 1:37:20 AM
just got this one yesterday and i cannot wait to play it, i created a wrestler went into season mode and now there is a triple threat and the winner get torrie.

the gameplay is better than herecomesthepain, and newer smackdowns of ps2. the only games left for me to try are shut your mouth and just bring it.

i also got smackdownvsraw and it looks ok and ordinary. i play these wrestling games for their season mode only.
i am in love albeit its one-sided as of yet.
#2dnewgroundsPosted 11/15/2012 2:37:49 PM
Ha same here bud. I just picked up JBI-SVR 07 last week. I have played them all before but just recently got a ps2. SVR has a very repetitive season. Same storylines for both brands. I am ending my second run now at Mania with Shelton Benjamin.

IMO SVR06 is the best Smackdown game. 2010 was awesome too but unsure how it has translated to PS2.
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