Coming from PS1 SD, adjustment issues

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User Info: 00509

4 years ago#1
OK, I got this to go with an old PS2 console I inherited & don't regret the $5 at Exchange. Read just about all the FAQs over on the relevant page and am pleased therewith. That said, I'm having difficulty adjusting to some things. Adivice requested; thanks much.

1) Aim. I realize that the large, bright circles at everyone's feet on the PS1 may look garish & break immersion. Now, however, it's tough for me to figure out who I'm targeting, and my Clean guy attacking his tag partners & the referee got real old real fast.

2) Tag support. I realize that having one's partner come in to break up a pin/submission is a good idea. The opposition does it automatically, and my side did too back in the day. What do I have to hit to ensure that my team comes in to represent, since they seem to be content to just stand there & watch?

3) Match Veteran. Does this require each-and-every possible option on the Exhibition menu be played & won, just played to an end, played & quit, or some other requirement?

4) Press-elimination. OK, the Rumble is even more gimmicky than it was in the old day (though at least the meter gives everyone one throw-out before being eliminated, so that's a net benefit). For the super-heavy press & throw eliminations, I've seen conflicting information, so asking to resolve the conflict: is it the Power grapple to pick someone up, a specific direction of grapple, or something else?

5) Divas. I liked Chyna in SD1 (so much as to win the WWF title, back when it was the WWF) & made other comparably-tough woman wrestlers in SD2. (Vic Viper was *nasty*.) Am I to understand that I can't make a cruiserweight woman in this one?

6) Stable leveling. So far as I can tell there's no way to bring out a stable, as such, in Season. Even though I have XP from a successful Raw season and am halfway through Smackdown, I can't spend it on the stable (two CAWs, one for each season.) What am I missing?

Thanks for your time & consideration.

User Info: thaflu

4 years ago#2

User Info: 00509

4 years ago#3
Thanks for the bump. Found some of my own answers, but not everything.

Female wrestlers can be set to whatever weight class you like, but are permanently excluded from Ladder/TLC, Hardcore, First Blood, Cage/Cell, and I think the Brawls.

Gagh. Vic Viper was meant for First Blood.

Press-elimination appears to be the Power grapple.
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