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6 years ago#1
Once you beat the game and replay it, do you get the freedom of choice or are you still only able to play as a specefic characters?
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6 years ago#2
You still don't get freedom of choice. That's been the one consistent complaint of the game in all the reviews I read before I bought it.

Such a shame really. Why have such a good core game mechanic and rpg system yet have character restrictions that really would have had no effect on the game anyway? So the cinemas don't match up with who you choose, big deal. There was only one area so far that I've played where I needed the Flash to get through the fan blades. I haven't come across anything yet where one of the other characters wouldn't have worked just as well as the default choices.

Really kills the replay value, imo. The frustrating thing is that I don't understand why a developer would so obviously handicap themselves when they have a license like this. You only have to play the first two levels to not already want to try another character. When your competition at the time is X-men Legends, it's only even more obvious that your hurting your own game.

Still a good game and worth playing despite this.
6 years ago#3
(Trade)Pokemon Diamond F/C: 5113 2805 9885
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