Soloing on Superhero mode!

#1snakenamedjoePosted 6/16/2009 12:02:26 PM
I just beat this game with a friend on superhero mode for the first time a few days ago. It is insane. I'm thinking about trying to solo it (play it though single player, not 1 character), but I don't know...the game really just wasn't very fun on that difficulty setting. The problem is, it isn't superhero mode, it's super wuss mode. You get 1hko'd by just about everything in the game, and everyone except Martian Manhunter and Flash take forever to destroy even reletively weak guys. That doesn't sound much like a superhero to me. :(

So, I've never heard of anyone getting through it solo on this mode. From what I understand they mostly die on Queen Bee. I'm pretty sure I could rock Queen Bee, as my friend, playing Zatanna, did very little in that fight. Looking at the FAQ's, it's obvious the people who wrote them had no idea how to play this fight (no offense to anyone who wrote a faq if you happen to read this). I've figured out ways of beating most bosses, I think. I finally figured out how to beat Killer Frost easily. I believe Grodd would be the hardest. I soloed Darkseid when I played anyway, as my friend died seven times right at the beginning of the fight.

The only part I'm not sure I could do is the protect superman (ironic!) level, which unfortunately is right at the end.

What I need to know is, is there anyone who watches this board who would even care? With as 'not fun' as this game is on superhero difficulty setting, it would not be worth even attempting if there is no one out there who cares one way or another if it can be done.
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