I know the board is mostly dead, but...

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I'm playing this right now and I'm a perfectionist. I wanted to discuss the best way to use boosts for each ability.

In case anyone is interested, here are some examples:

Combat: dam7 x 5
Health: dam7 x5
Energy: eff7 x5
Recovery: dur7 x2 + spd7 x3

I'm almost 100% positive this is the best way. For health and Efficiency there's no discussion. For combat I chose to focus only on raw damage because the other factors (critical%, stun%, stun duration) all rely on random element. And it's better to finish the enemies as quickly as possible. For recovery, adding another duration instead of speed is IMO not worth it because it reduces reaction time from 2.1 second to 2 second, an insignificant amount, while the second one reduces from 3.3 to 2.1.

Characters' abilities is a more difficult choice.


BTW, it's been already difficult to level all chars to level 20 legit (but I'll do it), so I resorted to the boost cheat (1st time I cheat in a perfect game).
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Oh HI!

Someone else is interested in this game besides me lol!

Iīve already beaten this game 2 times and unlocked everything, still cant beat superhero mode -_-". But anyway, iīll post a list with all my heroes and configurations if youre still interested ;)
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Of course! Yeah, I'd like to.

Did you resort to the boost cheat?

BTW, Im playing for the third time, this time on ellite. I want all chars to be lvl 20. Next playthrough will be either os superhero, depending on how close I am to level 20.
'That which has feasted on the blood of many Grand Dragons, has wielded the Lionheart for long and calls forth the mighty KOTR with joyous abandon'
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Well yeah I used the cheat after beating the game once, otherwise it would take forever haha

Ok, Iīll try posting the list when possible, as itīs been a while since i dont play this...

BTW are you spanish? cuz i am as well XD

But we better keep writting in english in case someone may join this post ;)
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I'm Brazilian. My nickname comes from a The Mars Volta song (progressive psychedelic rock band). Yours is a beautiful country, I'd love to visit Granada, The Palace of Lions and other places with islamic influences. The food on the seaside must be top notch also.

BTW, I'm eager to see your approach at boost allocation.

I chose to put them fr left to right in the order of the rainbow colors (only deep blue missing), so I can have a solid pattern on hpw to do it.

Red (damage) > Orange (duration) > Yellow (speed) > Green (luck) > Blue (Range) > "missing color" > Purple (efficiency)
'That which has feasted on the blood of many Grand Dragons, has wielded the Lionheart for long and calls forth the mighty KOTR with joyous abandon'
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Well sorry for the waiting but i had to recover my old savegame and in order to refresh my memories, iīll start a new game in ellite difficulty. Iīll post my heores in order of appearance. Iīd also like to put clear that these customizations are based on my own experience and they work well with me up to the ellite difficulty, but that doesnīt mean they are the ULTIMATE customizations of course. In fact, I think that i may need some help with some heroes...

Other thing, about the combat skill, I think that some heroes are suitable for raw force, and thus, i used all damage boosts in their combat slots (like Superman or Wonderwoman), while some other heroes dont receive the same bonus for damage boost, and i prefer improving them with luck and speed boosts (like Batman or Zatanna).

Ok so i start with...
#7pantibonicoPosted 8/11/2012 2:27:58 AM

Superpunch: Damage x4 / Range x1
Heat Vision: Damage x4 / Efficiency x1
Super Breath: Range x4 / Duration x1
Man of Steel: Damage x3 / Duration x2
Flying Strike: Damage x3 / Range x1 / Speed x1

Combat: Damage x5
Health: Damage x5
Energy: Efficiency x5
Recovery: Speed x3 / Duration x2

Superman is an awesome character.
My two favourite skills are superpunch and Flying Strike, as they both are good for dealing damage and for mass control purposes at the same time. So when Iīm surrounded I usually go with superpunch to hit a lot of enemies at the same time (thatīs why I use 1 Range). The same goes for Flying Strike, which I use the same way as the superpunch but for enemies who are out of range. I also used 1 Speed for more control over Superman, so he doesnt need to be perfectly aimed, but it might be change for Damage anyway.

I also try to keep Man of Steel activated as much as I can, especially for higher difficulties. 2 duration boosts give about 43 seconds which is time enough, and with 3 damage boosts I get 91% extra armor, almost double the armor.

About Heat Vision and Super Breath, I dont use them often, just for fun :D

Overall, Iīm very satisfied with my superman customization, and I dont think I may change it, but thatīs my opinion of course...
#8pantibonicoPosted 8/11/2012 2:47:42 AM

Batarang: Luck x3 / Range x2
Grappling Hook: Damage x4 / Range x1
Dark Knight: Damage x3 / Duration x2
Flash Bang: Range x4 / Duration x1
Bats: Damage x1 / Duration x2 / Range x2

Combat: Luck x2 / Speed x3
Health: Damage x5
Energy: Efficiency x5
Recovery: Speed x3 / Duration x2

Batman is another decent character, probably the best in the non raw-power category

The best skill for mass control is of course, flash bang, so Range is essential here.
With 4 range boosts I can even reach enemies off screen, which is cool, and 1 duration gives about 9 secs, enough for beating down a couple of enemies in the process

And of course, for dealing damage I alternatively use either Grappling Hook or Dark Knight Combo. I decided to give the DK combo some Duration Boosts so it may KO the enemy, so it gives Batman time enough to finish the combo without being counterattacked.

About the Batarangs, I found out that the bonus for Damage Boosts was really small, so i decided to focus on their critical rate instead, and range for more wide area. I prefer using Batarangs against armed enemies with guns and lasers, so they may disarm the enemies, and even KO them. But anyway, I still prefer the Grappling Hook as an alternative to the batarangs.

And for the bats, I like using them right after using a Flash Bang, so they help to clean the area faster, as a support.

Batman is another great character, really versatile and yet powerful. ;)
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Ok Iīll continue later with the game and the posting. Cya!
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OOps sorry, I think I said something wrong about Batmanīs Batarangs. They dont seem good at disarming armed enemies(they seem to KO them very frequently though), but anyway, I recently found out they are pretty good at dealing damage from a very close distance. About 5 or 6 batarangs hitting the enemy at the same time must hurt! XD