Stealing.. Is there a place where it works?

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8 years ago#1
Seems like every place where items are sitting out, the shopkeeper is right next to them. Since you can't steal when someone is near you, what is the point of adding this to the game?

And same with Lockpick. When you do, it causes the people inside to come to the door and you'll get reported. What's the point???
8 years ago#2
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8 years ago#3
hey. check the attitude

I tried doing that, but the guard comes in seconds after, or else the door re-close the instant the lockpick succeeds.
8 years ago#4

don't listen to him ^^^ I'll explain both methods

Stealing= Stealing is a skill you get when you get high enough skill level (lol) same with lockpicking. with stealing you can steal anything that lights up blue weather it's on the ground or in a shop, you can do it in the shop but make sure no one sees you because it can get pretty dangerous, you don't have to be right next to the item but it has to be light up and you looking at it.

lockpicking= this is generally used so you can open up shops or houses in the middle of the night or during day if someone dies, but during the night if you go in someone's house/shop you have to hold in the left thumbstick so they won't hear your footsteps.

Hope this helps and God Speed

8 years ago#5

oh btw you can also pay the guard 1000 gold so he doesn't look at you lockpicking the shop/house or stealing something

8 years ago#6
i dont think he was asking what they were, he was just whining because he couldnt do them effectively
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8 years ago#7
use the "follow" expression on shopkeepers to get them a reasonable distance from their shop, then give them alcohol so they just get drunk and stumble everywhere, you can then go back to his/her shop and steal everything.
If that doesnt work get the shopkeeper drunk in his shop and just hope he/she doesnt see you when your stealing his/her things.
also get your guile up alot so the stealing process becomes quicker.

sorry if that doesnt help but thats the easiest way i can think of.
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8 years ago#8
thanks Overburdened, I'll try that
8 years ago#9
There are videos on YouTube that show how to get the shop owners stuck in certain locations so you can go back to their shop to steal from them. They are back at their shop when you leave town.

Look for "Fable easy stealing" and watch the ones by someone named imortalfalcon. They have a video (one each) for Heroes Guild, Bowerstone South, and Oakvale. I haven't tried this in Oakvale yet, but it does work in the Guild and Bowerstone South if you can get the shop owner to follow you.
f(O_o)f (o_O)
8 years ago#10
Usually, when I can't do the money trick yet, what I do is go to Oakvale, and then go near the left area of the weapons shop and there are usually items that are at least 1500 gold each and then I keep stealing, selling, stealing, selling since sometimes the shopkeeper places the items back where it was before you had stolen it. I do this until I've had enough for a master longbow, bright platemail gloves and the plate, and some extra. I also make him drunk with alcohol by taking him a bit far away near the tavern and steal the things that are worth stealing near him. Sometimes other people come in and catch me, but that rarely, most time I've been caught on an account was three times over about nine days. Once the shop is almost closed, I take what I can for keeps and sell them the next day and go to the nearest house, sleep go out for no fines, and on and on.
Hope that helps.
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