Hero's Guild Beds?

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7 years ago#1
Silly question...playing Fable again after about a year long break, and I can't find which bed I can use in the Hero's Guild (if there even was one and I'm not just imagining it....the manual says there should be a bed available too...). I found one that's kind of wierd colored, but when I click next to it instead of giving me the message, "you can't use this bed", nothing at all happens, so I'm not sure what to do................
7 years ago#2
i dont think there is a useable bed in the hero's guild but idk ive never found one
7 years ago#3
you can only use the beds when you were the apprentice. i dont even think you can use the beds when you are old
7 years ago#4
You can use your bed before graduation, and that is all.
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7 years ago#5
To sleep in a bed absolutely free of charge, go to Bowerstone south and sleep in the wooden shack across from the lady with the child high on mushrooms.

Or go to the beach where the Chicken Kickin' guy is in Oakvale and sleep in that hut.
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7 years ago#6
^ I always squat in Oakvale.
7 years ago#7
You can also use the bed in Bowerstone Quay, right near the witch lady.
7 years ago#8
Thanks for the tips! :D
7 years ago#9
Yeah, you can sleep in any bed you want as long as it doesn't say "This bed doesn't belong to you. Are you sure you want to use it?". Even if it does you can use it, either a.) Use it and pay the small fine of 150 gold, or b.) Use it, and run outside before the screen turns black and you won't be fined at all.
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7 years ago#10
Or another option is use the bed then apologize to the guards. I love doing that, robbing someone blind and apologizing for it afterward.
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