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6 years ago#1
So, I found this handy little trick out quite by accident:

If you are a clever merchant, and start buying up emeralds or any valuable gem early on in the game, and sell them in bulk (Meaning 50 or more) and buying them back, you begin to make a lot of money and skill xp really quick without much effort on your part.
What I didn't know was, that there are traveling merchants that go through Darkwood, (I found them after the Trader Escort Mission, don't know if they show up before that or not) in the Ancient Cullis Gate zone. Some of you know that in the area where the Cullis Gate is situated, monsters will repeatedly spawn if you go far enough up the stairs or cross the bridge on either side of the gate. The monsters (for Me) have ranged from Hobbes to Earth Trolls, depending on my level and renown.
After awhile of grinding Earth Trolls for Xp and a combat multiplier of 22, I saw a traveling merchant coming down the road, I usually kill them to keep my CM up, but I saw he had the green "Tradeable" aura, and I decided to see what he had for sale, and too my great surprise, he had a stock of emeralds, at that point I had bought up about 120, and after buying his 23, I was making 30k every buy and sell transaction, and I sold all the way up until I had about 6 million gold. After I exited the transaction, I had earned ove 250,000 skill xp! I maxed out my yellow bars right away and I hadn't even started the Bandit Seeress Quest yet.
Hope someone found use from this, and let me know if there are any other easy tricks you can do without having to go through hobbe cave for hours on end.
6 years ago#2
A friend just reminded me, while in the same area (Ancient Cullis Gate), get your combat multiplier up to around 20 and start turning Physical Shield on and off really fast, by the time it ticks back down to 10 you can have banked 10k will xp. Cheers!
6 years ago#3
lol. Both those tricks are way older than the oldest post on this board, the 1st one you put is even near the top in the sticky.
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6 years ago#4
for the will exp. trick instead of using physical shield, use the summon spell.
it works faster. you only have to press the button once for experience, compared to having to equip, then de-equip PS, meaning you have to press the button twice just to get experience
just get a good combat multiplier and spam the summon spell and voila, tons of will exp.
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6 years ago#5
Double post :p

best place to do the summon trick is during the "Try to Stop Jack of Blades" quest. during that quest, enemies will spawn infinitely(as long as you dont go to the focus sites where Jack is) so you can rack up a ridiculously high combat multiplier, then spam summon, then as your combat multiplier gets low, just beat up some enemies, rinse repeat.

easy way to max out the will spells.
"Monkey killing monkey killing monkey, over pieces of the ground.
Silly monkeys, give them thumbs they make a club and beat their brother down."
6 years ago#6
You have access to infinitely spawning opponents much earlier in the game than that. You have infinite hobbe/rock troll spawns (depending on your renown) at the Ancient Cullis Gate, which will allow you to max skill (via the trade exploit) and will at the same time. You can also get infinite undead at the Grey House, provided you don't kill the "summoner" undead.

Ideally, you would do this trick during the "Find the Archaeologist" quest without having picked up any of the "Ages" potions prior to beginning the quest. Begin the quest, pick up every "Ages" potion available, get your combat multiplier up, use all the potions, then Hero Save. The potions are back in place when you begin again.
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6 years ago#7
OP, this is my favorite method of racking up gold and xp's early in the game also.
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