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Why is it called L.A. NoirE?
Isn't it supposed to be Noir, no E at the end? (not that I'm questioning rockstar's game naming abilities)

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5 years ago#3

Noire is the spelling for the French word of "black", so maybe there's some French elements to the game.

5 years ago#4
Or maybe the main detective is a member of the KKK. Ya nevah know.
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5 years ago#5
imo it's a play on words... it's a "noir" style game, basically literally a "Hollywood crime drama", but it's also "black"... dark...
5 years ago#6
noir is the word for black in french and it is the masculine form, noire is the feminine because the noun "Los angeles" is feminine apperantly
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5 years ago#7
it has an e at the end? cancel my preorder!
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5 years ago#8
Wait for it... San Marino Giallo
5 years ago#9
Because its set in Compton, 1987.
5 years ago#10
As far as this year's line of games is concerned, anything is possible concerning a sequel, I was referring to San Marino outside of Italy though, because Rome Giallo would just sound ridiculous. 1987 wasn't a bad year though, so it's a start, I'll tell R* right away.

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