Quarter Moon Killer case help needed (spoilers) deciphering locations I haven't

#1Smokey2186Posted 5/21/2011 1:04:31 AM
... discovered yet ... from the poems left behind by quarter moon killer (hall of records, tar pits etc.) How am I supposed to guess a next location I haven't been too yet? On my map I see landmarks as little camera symbols. Hall of Records it was possible for me to figure out because I've been there before and it was "unlocked" on my map as a little camera symbol. Tar Pits is not unlocked on my map so how was I supposed to figure that one out? Think back to the opening scene? The game just hoping I was curious and thought to go there randomly? Should I stop now and just hit up all the locations I can to unlock them?
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#2JokerxDragonPosted 5/21/2011 1:06:34 AM
The landmarks for that case will appear as question marks on your map if you have not located them on your own beforehand.
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Alternately, you can just goof off and drive around, and Cole will figure them out on his own. Might take a few minutes, but your next destination will be automatically updated.
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Easiest way if your stuck is to mark locations you think that the code points to on the map. If the objective updates, meaning it says, "Investigate (enter location here)", then its the correct place, if you mark a place on the map and nothing happens, that means that place is the wrong one.

So you can really get by with just trial and error if you're really stuck.
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