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really glad i gave this another go

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3 years ago#1
I picked it up at release and I guess I just wasn't in the right gaming spirit or was really expecting "cop GTA", but for whatever reason got rid of it.

This weekend got a cheap copy of the complete edition and I didn't see the sun for two days..

Anyone else not impressed on the first go, BUT the second time around just really appreciate what the game does right?
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3 years ago#2
Not with this game. I loved it since I first laid eyes on it. My number one favourite game this gen, so I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it this time around.

But I have had that experience with a lot of other games, where it doesn't click the first time around.
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3 years ago#3
I had that with Fallout New Vegas. Its opening sequences and tutorial seemed very boring to me, but upon trying it again it is now among my favorites. I've also discovered it's also very glitchy, but looking past that (and with a little help from the PC's console commands) it is pretty damn impressive.
3 years ago#4

I just popped this in over the weekend. its amazing. And frustrating at the same time. I was driving in far cry 3 like a wild man, driving in Saints row like a wild man... but here, its so slow. Everyone turns in front of you. so many traffic lights. I find driving is the worst for me.

Still, a very well made game. Very realistic looking. Faces are very good.

Having some fun. Thank you for sharing.
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  3. really glad i gave this another go

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