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I know you did it! Am I the only one who...

#1littlesilverPosted 6/10/2013 7:57:23 AM
On my first playthrough and really enjoying this title and all the Mad Men cameos. I will replay the cases later and get them right, but am I the only one giggling like a school girl instantly accusing everyone I talk to of being guilty?
"You did it!"
"I know you did it!"
"Tell me you did it!"
"Oh wait, you didn't do it..."
#2TrulyEpicLawlsPosted 6/12/2013 9:06:17 AM
The two argument-winning fads of forums: 1) Say 'calm down'. 2) Anyone with a view/opinion different to yours must be a troll, so you must therefore state this.
#3silly_sausagePosted 6/14/2013 2:00:19 PM
Haha, I LOVE this game, but I admit I had a lot of fun intentionally messing up the interrogations to see Cole flip out, only to sheepishly backtrack, still arrest the wrong guy, and end up getting yelled at by the boss.
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#4neversayeverPosted 6/14/2013 11:08:24 PM
Always choose the lie option and back out unless that's the right answer. It adds more dialogue and comedy when you apologize and then accuse them of lying again. NOW GET BACK IN THERE AND RAISE SOME LUMPS!