Is there any way to take out those two gunmen before they kill you? (spoilers)

#1slk_23Posted 8/19/2013 5:38:29 PM
During at least two parts of the game, the player is facing off against a gunman who is firing shots rapidly at him. The first is the sniper at the bus stop shooting; he's camped on top of a building and Cole will get torn to shreds if he tries to emerge from beyond the wall and get a few shots in. The guy seems too far away to kill. The other time is at the beginning of the final case; you're supposed to start off wandering into a tunnel, but if you go the opposite direction and exit the tunnel, the guys covered behind the police cars there will tear you to pieces. Are you also unable to kill those guys? Who were those guys, and why are they hiding there and trying to kill you anyway? I only ask because there are often some unconventional ways of dealing with enemies in this game: