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is this gonna use the same engine as Red Dead Redemption? (Archived)bray4six53/26/2011
I was interested in this, until they mentioned the pre-order "bonuses." (Archived)
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So is this GTA meets CSI? (Archived)pburgh3623/24/2011
No blood or bruises on people while shooting/fighting... (Archived)seris7103/21/2011
Really important question (Archived)thecoolmax93/20/2011
L.A. Noire PAX Gameplay (Archived)ZacTB103/18/2011
Nothing on Trophies Yet? (Archived)WilliamCMinor93/18/2011
forced good behaviour? (Archived)RyuHayabusa1984103/17/2011
To all the people saying that this game should be like GTA (Archived)
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Multiplayer? (Archived)
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pax preview (Archived)phoenix128933/14/2011
Gameplay (Archived)IAmNoble1323/13/2011
Is this supposed to have a Heavy Rain kind of feel? (Archived)USMarineE233/13/2011
Didn't see this already posted-- new article at IGN. (Archived)kingdom_liberty23/12/2011
The New L.A. Noire Gameplay Series Video: Investigation and Interrogation (Archived)ZacTB73/12/2011
Who plays the police captain? (Archived)LoserMike43/11/2011
Is this similar to GTA series? (Archived)faxmayfax23/10/2011
So does this play like Red Dead Redemption? (Archived)lmullen9373/10/2011
I hope they do a undead nightmare expansion with this. (Archived)
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how big is the map? (Archived)
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