My DPS Warrior Build

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Thoughts: The Swordsman levels start of very very strong, I was ripping things a part against enemies my lv and still averaging 200+ on crits with lv 4 aura strike as early as 17th lv. Crits happen fairly often as well, my stats at 19 were "Basic Str 15, Agi 15, Int 3" again can't stress how cards make up for whatever you don't put into wis or vit, so long as you aren't making that the sole purpose of your cards. A Card that gives a reasonable bonus to vit, and a better bonus to str or int depending on your class is what I would aim for. I took blacksmith as my job so i could make decent gear for my levels as well as weapons, take this into consideration as well.
Teepo, the Dark Dragon of Destiny.
3 years ago#2
That actually looks pretty similar to the build I had in mind when it comes to talents. The exception in my case is that I went 5/5 Head Crush, 1/3 Magnum Break, and ignored Tension Relax completely. I don't see any use in Magnum Break on DPS unless you want to off-tank due to the threat you'll be accumulating; Brandish Storm is going to be dealing more damage to more targets, produces less threat, and has no cooldown, with the only downside being that it's twice the cost. I can see, though, why you'd value extra healing over a marginally stronger DoT that you lay out maybe once or twice in a fight against a boss mob.

The stat build I chose for mine is completely different though; rather than go 36/36/25/1/1, mine was 49/31/1/1/1. I figure that since cards and title will be making up for the lack of Vit and Wis, they'll also buff Int. Again, though, I see the logic here; that 25 Int translates into 10% more damage to crits. It just means my build's damage will be more evened out with higher regular hits and lower crits compared to yours.
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Thanks for the thorough analysis, some of what your said i didn't even think of, it's still early and i might save myself the points on Magnum Break :P lol. :)
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3 years ago#4
as a heads up you will have a hard time to find parties if you cannot off-tank as a warrior. being a swordman class most parties will ask you to do so anyway and kick you if you say "I'm DPS." not having the defensive warrior skills will cost you in finding parties. hybrid warrior is much more valuable as a whole.

in any case, as far as your build goes, just remove magnum break at max. level 1 builds all the aggro you need, and as the other poster mentioned magnum break becomes nearly obsolete once you have brandish. I like the idea you have about adding int. And yes cards generally make up for the lack of vit.
3 years ago#5
Unless I am the party leader, then tough luck trying to kick me. ^_^ The way I see it, you have to be aggressive when your a Warrior especially a Full DPS Warrior, be the Leader Take Charge... and well.. CHARGE!!!!!

Also yes I have decided to drop Magnum Break to lv 1 and Head Crush to lv 3
Teepo, the Dark Dragon of Destiny.
3 years ago#6
Did not consider that, and your guild will always end up taking you. I guess think of it like this; there are not many classes that can tank or heal, so when the option is available, most people just expect that is what your job is. Hence why majority of people hate DPS priest so much, because they always assume priest is going to be healer. As a player of the SEA server though, the only time my guild (after it was leveled several times) needed to pick up randoms was for the 10-mans. So really it becomes a non-issue eventually

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