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User Info: NeoAR

3 years ago#1
Well, it's been a while since I posted in GameFAQs.

I created an Ogame stats website with several tools (search, galaxy overview, planet free slots locator, daily progress of every player and alliance of Ogame, and other tools), available here:


The site is based on the Ogame API.
I hope somebody find this useful, (well, this board is kind of empty)

Ogame statistics: http://www.ogniter.org

User Info: EwokCommanda

3 years ago#2
Gosh...haven't played Ogame in years...boy do I miss my DeathStar fleet.

I kinda wanna start playing again, so if I do I will check out that Site.
EwokCommanda, Enigma, Wahooka, Belisarius, Skarr, and R-110 (and similars).
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