how the hell do you kill the freakin alligator?

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User Info: kenniiiii_basic

8 years ago#1
damn, this creature scare the hell outta me everytime i go into the swamp

User Info: Penile_Finesse

8 years ago#2
Use the knife. Be the knife.

User Info: blast_furnace7

8 years ago#3
you can try and kill them but its just a waste of bullets just go around them they're really slow

User Info: crazyshorty05

8 years ago#4
nice spoiler in the topic name
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User Info: COD4_NJ

8 years ago#5
Just throw a grenade at it. It kills it instantly

User Info: takidigits2005

8 years ago#6
Thanks for the spoiler alert, tc. <obvious sarcasm>
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User Info: Gallion-Beast

8 years ago#7
Oh no you found out the game has alligators. That's really gonna ruin the experience for you.

User Info: Everton4Life17

8 years ago#8
it absolutely ruins the gameplay, what r u talking about? knowing an alligator is in the game at some point makes the $60 in the game worth absolutely nothing..

some of u are really that anal?
"Oh my god Hamlet!! I just saw a ****ing vampire!! " - The Whitest Kids U' Know.

User Info: Look_A_Username

8 years ago#9
Ya'll had better kill dem thar crocagators before ya'll become lunch!

User Info: sirjameslvn

8 years ago#10
I'm at this part, playing solo, and sheva just doesn't attack the alligators. It's so damn frustrating. Does this happen to anyone else?
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  3. how the hell do you kill the freakin alligator?

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