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POLL:(SPOILERS) Wesker's Cobra Strike (RE5) VS. Wesker's Thrust Punch(RE4)

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7 years ago#1
RE5 Wesker: 0
RE4 Wesker: 1

I felt that in RE4 Wesker's thrust punch felt more satisfying, and that it had a lot more strength.
7 years ago#2
Yeah, but to see him shove his hand in an opponents chest is much cooler in 5, thats one of his combo moves though.
7 years ago#3
It's called the rhino charge by the way.
7 years ago#4
Thrust Punch is much better than the cobra strike. It can easily get anyone within range, and blast them far far away.

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7 years ago#5
you know, not everyone knows that Wesker is in this game, so therefore u have spoilers in your title

so ur spoilers = fail
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7 years ago#6
Can I vote for HUNK's Neckbreaker?

If not, then I gotta choose RE 5's Cobra Strike.

It's not only an instant kills, it's also quite fast and makes the most of the 5 second bonus, whereas in 4 he took forever to get back into a ready position.
7 years ago#7
If you don't know Wesker's in this game, you=fail.

Thrust Punch FTW!
7 years ago#8
Yes, let's ignore the fact that Wesker is clearly shown throughout the trailers they have plastered all over the media. Trailers which you must be living under a rock in order to miss due to their nigh constant appearance during every commercial break on virtually every channel.

Clearly, no one who would even think of buying this game would possibly imagine that Wesker (whose presence is virtually synonymous with RE) would be in.

On topic, I too must go with the Thrust Punch. Nothing like force pushing everyone in front of you several yards away. With your fist.
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7 years ago#9
HUNK's Neckbreaker>RE4 Wesker>RE5 Wesker
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7 years ago#10
a lot of trailers had Wesker in this game... besides Wesker has been mentioned on this board multiple times....
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  3. POLL:(SPOILERS) Wesker's Cobra Strike (RE5) VS. Wesker's Thrust Punch(RE4)

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