Why does Wesker wear sunglasses at night?

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  3. Why does Wesker wear sunglasses at night?

User Info: Andrewevenstar

7 years ago#21
Cause he's Wesker. Enough said.
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User Info: BoothyBoy93

7 years ago#22
He's been wearing those same shades for about ten years. They probably have some sort of x-ray vision on the inside.

User Info: bigshot2000

7 years ago#23
it'll be just like a sleep over, expect we'll be sweaty and greecy
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User Info: Clouds_Bud

7 years ago#24

dude hes wesker he does whatever the h**l he wants to

User Info: Chaosninja123

7 years ago#25
Those aren't sunglasses, they are X-ray specs.
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User Info: Chrono-Cross

7 years ago#26
Or shades that see through people's clothes XD

User Info: nicolevantine

7 years ago#27
because douchebags do that

User Info: gamerbug94

7 years ago#28
Because he's an American, and Americans ALWAYS wear sunglasses!

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User Info: RasutoSSAikou

7 years ago#29
^ In America!
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User Info: Zapher_40

7 years ago#30
he has to look cool for agent smith
His name is Robert Paulsen,
His name is Robert Paulsen,
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  3. Why does Wesker wear sunglasses at night?

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