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7 years ago#1
Thought this post was worth a new thread =/
From MJ0723
"After you copy the save to the usb flashdrive, the second PS3 has to be RE5 fre, meaning not installed, no save data. If it is like this then you copy the save data to your saves. After this put in the game, do not accept the 1.03 update on the 2nd PS3, go directly to the install of the game. When done start game, goto continue and you should be wherever your save left you off. You should be fine after this. Once the save goes through then you can update the next time you play, so you can back up for your own PS3."
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7 years ago#2
7 years ago#3
is this really working? anyone can confirm that?
7 years ago#4
Yes, the save file does work. However, it's not completely perfect. If you want to use the save file on gamefaqs, you can not, I repeat, you CAN NOT upgrade to version 1.3 or system will tell you "you cannot use save file from another profile". That is why you have to hit "cancel" when game ask you to upgrade to version 1.3 in the beginning.

BTW, thanks goes to "seoulspirit" for the great save file. I'm having a HUGE blast with it right now. :D
7 years ago#5
Also, The trophies will not work unless you're the owner of the original save file.
7 years ago#6
So. you must delete everything related to RE5 on your PS3 then get the save and install the game ''without ever downloading the 1.03 patch!'' Using someone else's save prevent you from getting trophies! So what's the point?!?!

I don't care about getting someone else's save since I got platinum myself and it wasn't that difficult! in was my first platinum!

My suggestion...find yourself a good partner and you won't have trouble clearing this game on Pro! Getting tons of cash to upgrade weapons is just a joke with the egg dupp glitch wich makes the game damn easy!

Work on your own save!

7 years ago#7
wow. i'd much rather play my own incomplete file. right now the only two trophies that are keeping me from getting platinum are:

the works(i know how it's done but i'm lazy right now in getting it)
beating pro(pretty much the same reason for the works)

7 years ago#8
When you have inf ammo for rocket launcher and Magnum, Pro mode's way easier...just stay close to each other to avoid instant death and you'll be fine! Bring tons of health spray!
7 years ago#9
thanks for the tips.

7 years ago#10
well if they can get the save working, can anyone upload a PAL 100% gamesave then? don't care about trophies as i have a platium on res evil 5.
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