Do I need to upgrade the AI weapons?

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4 years ago#1
Hello everyone, just bought re5 after completing re6. First time playing so nd a bit of help.

Do i need to upgrade the AI weapons or can i just play on and let the AI stick to the original weapons?

Also, any tips for my first playthrough?

Thank you in advance for any help.
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4 years ago#2
Learn the A.I. partner's tendencies. The A.I. goes for body shots, never head shots, so giving them a weapon with the Critical perk is a waste. Give them something with Piercing instead. The H&K MP5 is a personal favorite of mine, and makes a good weapon for your A.I. partner. The S75 rifle is also a good choice, as the gun's raw power mixes well with the A.I's preference for body shots. I find that giving the A.I. the H&K MP5 and nothing else except for some armor works best for me.

Speaking of armor, there are 2 types available, the Melee Vest and the Bulletproof Vest. The Melee Vest is a good early purchase, but the Bulletproof Vest is a waste before chapter 5-2, when they start shooting back.

When set to Cover, the A.I. will remain close and use the weakest weapon in their inventory. Set them to Attack and they'll be more aggressive, and will break out the heavier weapons if you gave them any.

Always thank the A.I. when they do stuff for you like break an enemy grapple or heal you. You do this by pressing Circle after they do something you can thank them for. There is a hidden "Trust" system in place in RE5. Doing things like giving the A.I. items, healing them, thanking them and helping them causes the A.I to trust you more. Taking things from them causes them to trust you less. There is a trophy for hitting a certain trust threshold with the A.I. At higher trust levels the A.I. is a more effective partner, and will willingly give you things like ammo. Most of the people that complain about the A.I. are also too damn dumb to make it trust them. It's a way of "upgrading" the A.I.

Pay attention to what kinds of healing items the A.I. is carrying. The A.I. will combine herbs at the earliest opportunity, and that may not be in line with your plans. Mixing Green with Green is not as efficient as waiting for a Red Herb to mix with the Green, so be mindful of what the A.I has or has picked up.

Learn to fight. Really, the best weapon in the game is Redfield's fist, and mastery of the prompted melee attacks mean the difference between playing well and sucking ass. Melee enemies at EVERY chance you get, and learn how the different stun states work. Learning to melee properly is the path to always having enough ammunition.

For you initial playthrough, I suggest you stick with the starting M92F Handgun. The thing is many players' pick for best handgun. It has a final capacity of 100 bullets, and a 3 star critical perk. Lots of ammo and a really high chance of scoring an instant headshot kill easily makes this the best pistol in the game.

I suggest you stick with the Ithaca M37 shotgun gained in chapter 1-2. While not the most impressive thing in the world, upgrading it fully DOES unlock the best shotgun in the game for purchase, and the Ithaca has the highest capacity of any shotgun. It works just fine for a first run.

You'll need a rifle. I suggest sticking with the S75, but don't spend too much upgrading it. It's bolt-action, so you will lose your scope view after every shot. You also get the Dragunov SVD, a semi-auto model shortly after the S75. The SVD's aim wavers way too much for my liking. The rifle I like best is gained late in the game, the H&K PSG-1. It's also semi-auto, and the most stable of the three available rifles. It also features the best scope of the three.
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4 years ago#3
Wow, amazing. Thanks a ton!! I really appreciate this. Especially the AI thingy.

I do have 2 questions though, I have read that AI are more efficient with Rifles.

1. Should I give the AI both the HK MP5 and the sniper rifle?
2. Since the Dragnov is good but shakes way too much, would giving it to the AI be better since the AI tends to hit the target most of the time.

Thank you so much for your advice, gona make this experience more fun. =)
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4 years ago#4
I would say sniper rifles are better reserved for you as ammo is somewhat scarce. You want to use that ammo at the right times.

The AI is best equipped with a handgun or smg and can be quite effective with both. It doesn't go for headshots, but it has better aim than a lot of human players.
4 years ago#5
Great! Thanks for the reply, I am going to start my game now. Hehe.

Have a nice week ahead all! =)
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4 years ago#6
I would suggest you just give the A.I. the H&K MP5 and no other weapons. The MP5 is a very well balanced gun with good firepower, capacity, and a useful Piercing perk. When I feel like using a machine gun, this is the gun I go for.

A word on machine guns:

There are 4 total in the game, 2 assault rifles and 2 submachine guns. The VZ61 (found in chapter 1-1) and the H&K MP5 (chapter 2-1) are the SMGs, while the AK-74 (chapter 5-1) and the SIG .556 (chapter 5-2) are the assault rifles.

The SMGs tend towards higher capacity and lower firepower, but also have useful perks, while the assault rifles see a reversal of this trend with lower capacity, higher attack power, and no perks. There is one other thing that isn't listed in any of the game's stats, and that's recoil.

The SMGs have MUCH less recoil than the assault rifles. Fire a 5 second burst at a wall with an SMG, then do the dame with an assault rifle and you'll see what I mean. You have to be very careful if you're using an assault rifle, because the recoil will send your aim all over the place rather wildly in a short amount of time.

Give the A.I. a machine gun for a main weapon, and use a handgun for yourself. this way, you won't have to share resources.

A word on sniper rifles:

Believe it or not, firepower isn't all that important for rifles, since a headshot is an instant kill. Rifles also have the piercing perk, even though it is not listed. They also have a hidden stat which I like to refer to as stability. Your aim will wander around if you don't press any directions on the right stick. How much it wanders depends on the stability of the rifle. The H&K PSG-1 is the most stable, followed by the S75 and the Dragunov is the least stable. The PSG-1, in addition to being a semi-automatic rifle also features an upgradeable scope, allowing you to zoom in farther than the other two rifles. It is easily my favorite rifle in the game. While it does have the lowest firepower rating of the rifles, it's not that big a difference, and like I said, headshots are an instant kill anyway and you'll have the easiest time scoring headshots with the PSG-1.
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4 years ago#7
I don't find the sniper decision nearly that clear-cut.

The Bolt-Action's significantly higher damage is quite nice for ammo conservation in the many situations such as bosses and minibosses (Big Man Majini, Chainsaw/Gatling Majini, Lickers, etc) , where there are no critical kills, and still is a single body-shot kill on all the regular majini that have helmets (even the breakable tribal masks and clay helmets) which become annoyingly common, while the Semi-Autos have to use 2 shots for body-shot kills the vast majority of the time. It definitely puts the Bolt-Action rifle in a situation where it can be dual-purposed as a magnum if need be. It isn't that much of a stretch to say that the only enemies that the damage reduction isn't significant on are the easiest enemies in any area.

That said, the semi-autos can crank out higher DPS and let you keep the aim on your target, meaning successive rounds are more likely to hit. If you aren't that concerned with ammo usage on your rifle, they'll kill the bosses quicker just with rapid-fire. In the side-by side comparison I did on the scopes, I found the shake factor on the S75 and the Dragunov is largely a subjective judgment: they actually follow the exact same squiggly figure-8-ish pattern, but the Dragunov does it at about twice the speed. One the one hand, that means you have more time to react to being on target with the S75; on the other, if you don't take the shot, you'll get back on target much faster with the Dragunov. But either way, the gentle side-to-side rocking of the PSG-1 rocks both of them in the accuracy department, even ignoring the zoom that doubles the size of everything (which usually is not all that helpful).

Generally, I'd take the PSG-1 as my top choice, but there are definitely large quantities of enemies where the S75 is better if you have the time to work against them (which if you are accurate enough, you should be able to do yourself in pretty much every situation except when you get a swarm of Lickers coming after you).
4 years ago#8
Dude, why are you using anything bigger than a handgun on regular Majini? What's wrong with you? Shoot them in the leg and then break their damn neck!

Chainsaw Majini you can just shotgun and melee to death. If they get back up in berserker mode a semi-auto rifle will put them down for good faster due ti the superior rate of fire.

As for Big Man Majini, why are you not shooting them in the leg with a handgun a few times and starting a 3 part combo? If they get to close, put them in a stun state with a shotgun, then melee them. It's faster than a rifle.

Giant Majini are also better handled with a shotgun. You can do a 2 part combo with a finisher on them from a shotgun stun.

For Gatling Gun Majini, 2 rifle shots will place them in a stun state allowing you to go straight to your combo finisher, and your partner can chain their finisher as well. Getting the 2 rifle shots to stun them is way more feasible with a semi-auto rifle than the bolt action.

Stop being so fraudulent.
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4 years ago#9
Because I play with the AI almost exclusively, so three-hit combos are extremely difficult to position. And I find meleeing everything to be boring.
4 years ago#10
Sounds cool, I would give my AI HKMP5 and keep the shotgun and handgun for myself. Good reasoning here, at least I can see how everybody feels about respective weapons.

Thanks for the insights, gona make my game a bit easier and more fun.
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