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Why does the game say the session was ended when I try to join in Mercenaries?

#1LiskerPosted 2/13/2013 1:50:39 PM
Because that's clearly BS, since when I recheck for games, the same guy's waiting for someone to join the same stage, no matter how many times I recheck. Is there something wrong with the connection, because it was doing it with three seperate people the last time I played.
#2FishOfPainPosted 3/2/2013 3:50:31 PM
It seems like "this session has ended" or similar messages are always because of connection issues between the players. Of course, it depends a lot on the servers too, but usually if two people get that more than once, no retries in the world will work unless the servers get an upgrade or either of you improve your internet. Does it happen for everyone you play with? If so, you should probably check your NAT settings - there are a lot of guides out there for that.
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#3Lisker(Topic Creator)Posted 3/3/2013 6:42:26 AM
No, it usually works fine, although that one night it happened with more people than usual.