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How do you start a new game (not New Game +) as it was the first time?

#1Albert1285Posted 2/20/2014 12:38:14 AM
In RE4, RE6 and Revaltions you can start all over again without any upgrades, money or any other unlockable, just basically as if you were playing for the very first time. How do you do this in RE5?
#2Da DoodPosted 2/20/2014 4:08:56 AM
It's not possible. Pretty annoying, yeah. Either make a new profile on your PS3, or try an in-game workaround.

The way I do it is like this: go to the item management screen, store all weapons/supplies and buy useless stuff until your money count is as low as possible. Discard the useless stuff, discard or keep track of how much extra ammo/healing you have, and your item box is free for use. Then just pick Chapter 1-1 and play normally.

In RE6 you also keep all the points ($) and skills that you've unlocked, even if you start a brand new game.
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#3Syn_VengeancePosted 2/21/2014 9:26:30 PM
If you have a USB flash drive its pretty simple..

Copy your save to a flash drive and back it up on your computer (or just leave it on the flash drive).

Erase your save file from your PS3.

Start the game with a brand new save file.
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