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Giving Away FREE Modded Guns

#31Jo-Z13Posted 7/2/2014 7:27:23 PM
could possibly get S&W M500 rpg H&K PSG-1 hydra all with the unlimited ammo thing i already sent u msg on the ps3
#32KoenjiPosted 7/11/2014 3:02:43 PM
Hello Sinvalentines

If you still have the guns i would like to request these:

S&W M500 (Do you have the S&W M29 instead?)

Thank you in advance, i will send you a message over PS shortly.
#33er0spl0xPosted 7/12/2014 7:35:49 PM
hey guys i just got the game its pretty fun im goig to add u today im not sure if u still play but id like these guns. psn on sig ill send add

all rapidfire
jail breaker
s&w w500
PSN- Potatosaxs
ShyPlox - 4098 - 3294 - 3353