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Infinite items/money? (Archived)EarthDevil43/10 1:43PM
Wow, the way some people manage their inventory. (Archived)
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Foxhound3857173/6 7:54AM
Anyone here still play mercenaries reunion? (Archived)
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Lord_Shadow_19163/4 1:20PM
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golden egg.... (Archived)TGaddy31432/20 11:34PM
Only $9.99 on PSN right now, what a steal. (Archived)
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Foxhound3857112/19 12:46PM
RE5 was a huge disappointment for me back in 2009 (Archived)HHM_HHU62/19 11:16AM
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Are People Still Playing Co-op Online? (Archived)SirArthur82/18 6:25PM
Will be looking for playing partners after I clear my first game. (Archived)Foxhound385772/9 3:59PM
Anyone care to help with Versus mode? (Archived)Canadyans32/6 7:44PM
Can someone help me with the rotten/golden egg glitch please? (Archived)badboygally12/3 2:46AM
Anybody want to play Co-op chapter 6 (Archived)reapertorch11/31 1:59AM
how to do taunt in mercenaries? (Archived)
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scrapthecap121/23 7:20AM
The question that has burned in my mind for over five years now... (Archived)King Azar101/16 1:18AM
Machine Guns (Archived)Seromontis41/14 11:57PM
my RE5 mercenaries game plays are on youtube now. (Archived)scrapthecap112/16 12:28AM
Does anybody want to play some coop? (Archived)BoA_Slash112/10 3:27PM
very easy exchange points 5000 points without being good (Archived)Vicsthebest112/2 6:55PM