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RE Loosing its point.. (Archived)
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The Will to Survive (CYOA) (Archived)
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Possible PC version (Archived)Ragenaut41/30/2008
will the merchant be making a return for re5 (Archived)Silent_Hill71951/29/2008
too bad it isnt gonna be out for like 100 years. (Archived)MegiddoDevil41/29/2008
The order of the games (Archived)diddykongracing71/29/2008
OMG!!! could it be? (Archived)ADrunkSithLord71/29/2008
Crush a Wish(to apply some life to the board). (Archived)
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Picture of Claire? (Archived)DianaHewie101/28/2008
Will RE ever be a survival horror game again in the MAIN SERIES, NOT A SPIN OFF? (Archived)
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Why do some people think " Oh, this game is rascist to black people"? (Archived)
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This game may be the next duke nukem forever (Archived)MortalKombat147101/27/2008
IMDB has got to be the most laughable source in the world(RE5). (Archived)Elusion_M101/27/2008
A funny thought (zombie voices) (Archived)sparklegirl8931/26/2008
ATTN: Every Intelligent Person Here (Archived)BryanSteel71/26/2008
This game.............. (Archived)mohan8881/26/2008
ClaireA/LeonB or LeonA/ClaireB? Which is canon? (Archived)Jmal4651/26/2008
black zombie vs spanish zombie (Archived)BryanSteel71/26/2008
The virus (Archived)punisher123481/25/2008
Why did Chris get fat in RE5? (Archived)
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