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Anybody want to play Co-op chapter 6 (Archived)reapertorch11/31 1:59AM
how to do taunt in mercenaries? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
scrapthecap121/23 7:20AM
The question that has burned in my mind for over five years now... (Archived)King Azar101/16 1:18AM
Machine Guns (Archived)Seromontis41/14 11:57PM
my RE5 mercenaries game plays are on youtube now. (Archived)scrapthecap112/16 12:28AM
Does anybody want to play some coop? (Archived)BoA_Slash112/10 3:27PM
very easy exchange points 5000 points without being good (Archived)Vicsthebest112/2 6:55PM
I HATE JAPANESE PLAYERS ON versus. (Archived)Shadowarrior454911/25 8:27AM
Add me for versus/ mercs reunion fun time! (Archived)heatherbeam91111/11 3:00PM
Worst AI EVER! (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
dragoonheart1911/9 10:48PM
Tips in Versus mode for beginners, trophy hunters, etc. Part ll (Archived)lll-Seru-lll111/5 11:01PM
Can anyone get me either Barry S.edge, wesker too and also Jill Px4? (Archived)Shadowarrior454411/3 12:14PM
Need versus/mercenaries partners (Archived)RatB20311/3 9:58AM
Do I need to play RE3 and CV to fully understand the plot.? (Archived)TheaterOfDreams511/2 12:49PM
Played RE6 on Friday and then this again last night (Archived)Hello4438510/29 9:01AM
Is this game still alive online? (Archived)ParaMorrigan510/24 2:47PM
Money/BSAA Emblem partner (Archived)MarthsCape210/23 11:49PM
Anybody want to playmain story or dlc stories? (Archived)Deth25110/23 11:45PM
Infinite Golden Egg Trade (Archived)ShadowLink41410/17 2:46AM
Infinite Gold/Rotten eggs (Archived)LILBL119/26 9:51AM
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