unjustified bashing

#1snakepliskin6Posted 11/12/2010 11:57:43 AM
i recently purchased this game after waiting for it to go down in price significantly. after playing lair for a couple of weeks ive have come to the conclusion that the hate for this game both critically and with gamers is unjustified. the games graphics are pretty solid for the most part with the exception of some framerate issues, the story is ok. its not great but its not terrible either. and the enviorments for the most part are pretty big. people had huge issues with the controls wether it was six axis or analog alot of gamers were pissed. at first the controls were overwhelming but after an hour and a half i was executing most of my dragons manuevers with percision and ease. anyone who wants to play this game but is turned off by all the negativety surrounding the title should just go into it knowing that the learning curve is steep but not impossible. now there are problems such as constant chatter during missions from your fellow sky riders, with horrible voice acting to boot. there is also ALOT going on during the level and it can be tough to figure out what to go after first. but my biggest gripe is timed missions, now you usually have plenty of time between objectives to get everything done but if you fail you have to start the whole level over again wich is dumb. so in conclusion i encourage any gamer to give it a shot if the game has interested you. get it at gamestop where if you play and dont like it you cant return it within 6 days for your money back.
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can* ... sorry for the error in the last statement.