EDF 2017 is officially "Soul-Crushing" (according to OXM)

#1geelwPosted 5/26/2009 10:18:36 PM
Heh - in this month's Official Xbox Magazine (July 09/Issue 98/Mass Effect 2 cover), there's a cool article on page 64 titled "The 10 Most Soul-Crushing Achievements" and EDF 2017 ranks in at # 10 on the list of toughest achievements.

Of course, that achievement is the infamous: "All Stages Cleared" (300G) for beating every mode (in single player or co-op)

I won't retype the entire paragraph on the game here, but it's cool to FINALLY see the game getting more respect!

the other games and achievements (in case you were wondering):

9: Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga ("100%")
8: Bullet Witch ("Hell Difficulty Mode Cleared")
7: Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom ("Curse of the Developer")
6: Bladestorm: The 100 Years War ("Book of Engineering")
5: Warriors Orochi 2 ("All Difficulties Cleared")
4: Battlefield 2: Modern Combat ("Veteran")
3: Gears of War ("Seriously...")
2: Rumble Roses XX ("Shop Complete")
1: Final Fantasy XI ("Reach Level 75")

nice to see Bullet Witch, Bladestorm and KOF: COD on this list, as I'm also a fan of each.

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#2LachdannanPosted 5/27/2009 1:24:20 AM
Nice list; however, I do not agree with the #1 spot. Nowadays you can easily reach level 75 within a month in FFXI. When I first started the game in 2003, it was indeed difficult to reach level 75. Yet after countless updates the level cap doesn't seem that hard to achieve.

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I'd say that no one at OXM has played FFXI in a while. the article says it can take ONE to TWO YEARS to reach level 75 with a single character (which makes me want to not play the game again or play it at all if I happened to be a new player).

well, shoot them an e-mail - i'm sure they'll get a few from die hard square-heads.

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#4VoldavianPosted 5/27/2009 4:17:32 PM
I've gotten all 1000 on Lego, and yes it is a pain for the 100%. Its not hard to get it, just time consuming. I can understand Gears, especially since a lot of the achievements deal with killing someone else in a public match 100 times with each weapon. So I can see how that would take some time to do. And I think EDF should be higher on that list. I'm still working on Hard mode at the moment.
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The difficulty is nothing...It's finding all the damn weapons that is the the hard problem. SOLO'd
#6Deadly_DowrongPosted 5/28/2009 2:40:39 AM
I beat GoW and Bullet Witch also....This list is a joke. BW is really easy!
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well, bullet witch is "hard" if you're not used to the game's controls and pacing. i can recall the BW board falling into chaos a few times with people blasting the game for being the "worst game ever" (wrongo!) when the fact was they were trying to play it like it was devil may cry or some other faster-moving game.

hell difficulty is pretty annoying, but if you beat the game on all the other difficulties, it's less of a pain. that, and the game is fairly short once you get your timing down.

heh - i'm thinking the OXM article refers to more casual players that don't sink start to finish time in their games, "hardcore" achievement whores looking for a real challenge (or games to avoid because they only play "easier" games for the quick points), or certain game reviewers that don't finish games they start,lol...


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#8Hamsterboy987Posted 5/29/2009 6:44:36 PM
to be fair they are "soul crushing" because of the number of achievement points you get for working on them. For example, bullet witch is listed because it gives 1 achievement point for, say, 8 hours of gameplay
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#9General EricPosted 5/31/2009 12:27:13 AM
I think the one Bad Company achievement for "Getting All Medals" should qualify because I think there are medals that literally no-one has ever gotten.
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Good--I'm glad to see I'm not the only one getting raped by ants and spiders on Hard.