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Onechanbara legacy video series shows Oneechanbara current history epicness (Archived)xenosaga12327/26 5:47AM
100% game save (Archived)firetiger91317/25 11:55PM
Onechanbara sequel, Z2 Chaos coming to the west July 21, 2015 (Archived)xenosaga12317/6 1:40PM
How to get Saki to throw sword waves? (Archived)PlayItRetro11/25 10:09AM
new action co-op gameplay video (Archived)xenosaga12318/1/2014
Onechanbara Z2 Chaos official site here (Archived)xenosaga12317/18/2014
Onechanbara Z2 Chaos coming to new console (Archived)xenosaga12327/15/2014
new co-op gameplay video (Archived)xenosaga12312/8/2014
anyone know if the japanese gamesave will work on the US version? (Archived)googler111/26/2013
new amazing Onechanbara wallpaper (Archived)xenosaga123111/7/2013
new Onechanbara trailer in english video (Archived)xenosaga123111/1/2013
New Onechanbara trailer and gameplay video revealed (Archived)xenosaga123110/4/2013
new screens and Ecstasy gauge (Archived)xenosaga123110/2/2013
new playable character NoNoNo gameplay (Archived)xenosaga123110/1/2013
New case art revealed today (Archived)xenosaga12319/13/2013
New official Website (Archived)xenosaga12328/19/2013
new Trailer released!! new character (Archived)xenosaga12318/8/2013
Onechanbara news.Onechanbara Z Kagura confirmed with bonuses. release Oct 24 (Archived)xenosaga12317/31/2013
improved gameplay (Archived)xenosaga12317/22/2013
official facebook ? (Archived)xenosaga12317/20/2013
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