Anyone else miffed at the ending? Obviously this thread has spoilers.

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6 years ago#1

It's the usual blah ending for the old rpgs. Everyone goes back to whatever it was they were doing before without even a sign of "real" character growth. Lloyd especially.

Lloyd is an idiot, seriously. Ylenne practically shoves in his face the dangers of returning the staff and even mentioning how her grandfather and Akra's death will be in vain if he does so. But does he mind? No. He walks on, proving that he has never learned anything in his travels and becomes a tinhead like he was before. :/

What's worse is how Ylenne runs back to him and apologizing for what she has said.

Stupid stupid ending leaves me unfulfilled and bitter. :[

6 years ago#2
Yeah, the ending for this game was kind of weak. To be fair, though, Rudoug doesn't go back to what he was doing. I wouldn't exactly call it growth, but his relationship with Akra leads him to go searching for her instead of taking charge of the monastery.

And Lloyd is pretty much a moron. He's one of those soldiers where the most important thing is doing his duty, regardless of anything else. I really don't understand why they made him so dense.

And you're right, Ylenne was even worse. She should have stood her ground. I think an actual fight between them would have made for a much more interesting ending.
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6 years ago#3

Really? Roudoug searches for Akra? I got the ending where he was training the monks in the monastery and he comes upon the thought of Akra. It just fades out from there.

6 years ago#4
No, there's only one ending, and it's the one you saw. I remembered it wrong, and I'm sorry if I led you or anyone else to believe there were multiple endings. I replayed the ending to avoid posting any more nonsense. I had forgotten how ridiculously challenging the last couple of battles could be.

So yeah, at the end of Astonishia Story, Rudoug also goes back to what he was doing before. And there is just as little growth as you originally thought. I had also forgotten what a downer the ending was. In that regard, at least, it's pretty different from most other rpgs.

By the way, do you plan to play Crimson Gem Saga?
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6 years ago#5

Oh and here I thought there were multiple endings depending on your game point thing at the end hahaha!

I do plan on playing Crimson Gem Saga and I hope the story isn't as bland as Astonishia Story, but I have to finish Disgaea 2 first before moving on to anything else.

6 years ago#6
Nah, the game points don't seem to do anything except confuse you about how to get them.

Crimson Gem Saga is better than Astonishia Story in just about every way. The battle systems are different, so you can't really compare those. But the story is better, not necessarily in terms of substance, but definitely in terms of presentation (I think it's better in terms of substance, but it's a judgment call). And the characters are much better.

If you look at some of the other threads here, you'll see that Astonishia Story is a very polarizing game. What did you think of it overall?
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6 years ago#7

Oh, if that's so then I will most definitely give Crimson Gem Saga a go!

And about Astonishia polarizing, I was slightly baffled by that as well. With a game like this I was surprised that there were people who loved it. You've played it, and I'm sure you've noticed how weak it is for an RPG. There's just so many better games out there. In all honesty, I enjoyed Astonishia because I saw it as some hilarious parody of the rpg genre (despite it's horrid ending). I found almost everything about it funny.

I don't know what other players see in it tho. What about you?

6 years ago#8
There are several things you have to keep in mind when looking at this game. First of all, it's a remake of a game that was released in 1994. Second, it's a Korean-made game, and the Korean gaming industry seems to have been, at the time, a few generations behind the Japanese gaming industry (and that's not meant as an insult, just an observation based on evidence I've seen elsewhere). And lastly, the translation really isn't very good.

Now, the story of the game is pretty serious, and a lot of dramatic moments take place, like when Lezail battles Dryden, or when certain villages gets destroyed, or especially the ending. But in spite of this, there is a lot of humor, like the bath scene, the big-head guy, and when the party meets Rendalf's wife. I thought the battle system was fun (but a lot less so towards the end), I loved the graphics, and I liked the music. The dungeons were fun to go through, for me, and I loved exploring Fort Ganberg. It was cool having epic confrontations with all of the game's antagonists and having all the pieces of the plot finally put into place, even if that plot wasn't exactly great.

All in all, I thought the game was a lot of fun, especially because of all of the humor, whether it was intentional or not. I can see why so many people dislike it, though, because it's very much a product of a bygone era of rpgs. It has all of the cliches and conventions you'd expect from an early 90's rpg, and people holding it up to modern standards are bound to be disappointed by it. I don't think it was meant as a parody, but it ends up being one anyway, and that's probably the perfect way to look at it.

How's Disgaea 2 going? I have it on my list of games to play, but it's a good ways down from where I am now.
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  3. Anyone else miffed at the ending? Obviously this thread has spoilers.

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