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9 years ago#1
Tales of the Abyss FAQ v5

PLEASE! Do not interrupt my posting!

Index: The bolded parts either have their own pages, or they are all related
-How does this compare to Tales of Symphonia or any other Tales game?
-What's the opening song called?
-Basic Gameplay Tips
- Multiplayer: How do I set it up?
-Do character titles do anything?
- Can Luke heal himself with an arte?
- What is FoF (Field of Fonons)?
- What do the light and dark FoF circles do?
- How do I make colored FoF circles quickly?
- How do I use free run?
-How much TP is needed for the Mystic Artes?
- Luke is really hard to get used to after playing as Lloyd from ToS... help?
- The battle load times are horrible! What can I do?
- How do I use overlimit?
- How do I activate a mystic arte/hi-ougi?
- Tear and Jade can't use their Mystic Artes!
- What is the maximum level?
- What are the best places to level up?
- Where's the Albiore? I left it in [insert place here], but now I can't find it.
- What is this world map glitch I keep hearing about?
- What are some good places to get grade or money?
- Are the casino items worth it?
- How can I easily make chips?
- How do I steal items from monsters?
- What are all of the 2nd playthrough bonuses?
- How much grade do I get for beating the game?
- Can you buy Capacity Cores from Capacity Core shops?
- How do I obtain the Collector's Book?
- I missed [insert Catalyst Weapon here]! Can I still complete the quest?
- Why don't my Catalysts do more damage?
- How do I get the vorpal sword?
- How do I fly through storms when aboard the Albiore?
- I can't land in some terrain types with the Albiore. Why is that?
- I'm stuck at the Isle of Feres. How do I get out?
-What are all of Anise's dolls and how can I get them?
- When is [sidequest] missable?
- I can't get the rings for the Ant Lion Man sidequest. Help?
- Where do I find a stripped ribbon for the Ant Lion Man sidequest?
- How do I obtain Mieu Wings?
- How do I obtain Mieu Fire 2?
- How do I get into Ortion Cavern? I can't get past the whirlpool!
- How can I see how much Grade I have?
-Spoiler Filled Page (Just see it if you have questions about certain events or the ending)
-The Coliseum: Tips for advanced singles matches

-How do I get massive combos/grade?

Welcome to the Tales of the Abyss Board FAQ.

First of all, if you have any suggestions or additions to make this better, please let me know. I will give you credit for whatever you contribute.

If you are having trouble with certain things, check the FAQs here. Especially the Extras guide for sidequests, or the Dinís Shop FAQ.

All spoilers will be marked with a warning.

How does this game compare to Tales of Symphonia or any other Tales game?-(submitted by Skarmory60)
Opinions concerning this question are very mixed. If you liked Symphonia, the general opinion is that you'll like Abyss, too, as they're both very similar and are developed by the same team. Try reading some reviews and see what you think.

What's the opening song called?-(submitted by Skarmory60)
"Karma" by BUMP OF CHICKEN. The Japanese version of the game had vocals; the NA release took them out and added an extra guitar instead.
9 years ago#2
Basic Gameplay Tips-(all submitted by DGM09)

Note: A lot of the game's functions, such as changing the on-screen character, require specific items to use.

How do I change my on-screen character?
To change your on-screen character, simply find the S-Flag in a chest at the Cheagle Woods. Keep in mind you have to use Mieu Fire to reach it.

How do I change my character during battle?
At a certain point in the storyline (when you reach Baticul) you'll acquire an item called Moon Selector which will enable you to change the character you control during battle. To change, simply press Triangle to access the battle menu and press Start. You'll see the characters' portrait below changing positions. The character you control will be the left-most one. Keep pressing Start until you have control over the character you wish to use.

Semi-Auto and Manual Mode. Differences?
First of all, to be able to change into Manual Mode, you need to acquire the Technical Ring located near the area where the Liger Queen can be found at the Cheagle Woods.
Manual Mode: The player controls all the actions.
Semi-Auto: The player controls most of the actions, but is assisted by the AI. The player does not control the following:
- Timing for attacks and defense;
- When you press a button to attack, your character will run towards the enemy until the AI concludes you're close enough to it;
- To jump, you have to Guard first and then press Up;

How do I use Capacity Cores?
First, keep in mind you cannot use Capacity Cores until Ion explains them in the Cheagle Woods.
Once you've listened to the explanation, simply go into the menu, choose Battle, C. Core and the character you intend to give a C.Core to. You will be taken to a list of the C. Cores you currently hold. Choose a C. Core from the given list to equip it. You can only equip one C. Core per character and if you happen to be on your second playthrough (and purchased the option to carry over C. Cores in the Grade Shop) you will not be able to pick up the same C. Cores you already have.

How do I use FonSlot Chambers?
Keep in mind you cannot use FonSlot Chambers until you leave Baticul and Guy takes you to his instructor.
To equip Chambers on your artes, simply go to the menu, choose Battle, FSC and the character you intend to equip with Chambers. You will be taken to a list of Artes that that character has. You select an Arte, you'll be shown another small menu which contains the different chambers you can equip on that Arte.

FonSlot Chambers: How do I increase their effect?
To increase the effect a Chamber has on your arte, simply use that arte often. You'll soon see the effect increasing, under the FSC menu. You need to use them 100 times to max them out.

FonSlot Chambers: What good are they for?
What are their uses, you ask? Mainly for combos.
An example of this would be Guy's Severing Wind -> Dragon Tempest. If you equip a Sunlight Chamber on Void Tempest, you can turn it into Dragon Tempest by using the Wind Field of Fonons left behind by Severing Wind (you need a specific AD Skills to perform this Guy combo however).
Increasing the Power of an arte also adds new combo possibilities, as you can send the enemy flying farther, giving you enough time to start a new arte.
Chambers are also used to add stealing capabilities to certain artes (Check How do I steal items from monsters? for more information).
Lastly, you can also decrease the TP cost of an arte, increase the damage it deals (Attack,) and even add healing capabilities to certain artes.

So, are chambers needed to finish the game? No. They do, however, improve your combos and, consequently, increase the amount of fun you'll have during battles. And obviously, improve your performance and odds of winning during battle.
9 years ago#3
Multiplayer: How do I set it up?Submitted by DGM09
First, make sure you have the necessary number of controllers. If you want to play with more than one friend (3-4 players), you need an accessory called Multitap which allows you to connect more controllers to the system. If you have all of this, then you only need to head to the Artes menu from each character and set them from Auto to either Semi-auto or Manual.

Do character titles do anything?-(submitted by DGM09)
Yes, they do. Even though they don't affect your character's status growth (ala Tales of Symphonia) they still have certain effects on them while walking around outside of battles. Check the Character FAQ for all their effects

Can Luke heal himself with an arte?-(submitted by Skarmory60)
Yes. Equip a Green (Grass) chamber on Steel to give it a healing effect.

What is FoF (Field of Fonons)?-(submitted by Skarmory60)
After using an arte of a specific element, you'll probably notice there are some circles on the battlefield. Sometimes they're colored, but sometimes they're just white. Those are Field of Fonons.

The white ones are totally useless except when you have a sunlight chamber equipped (see FonSlot Chambers: What good are they for? For more information).

Colored ones, however, are special. If you use the right arte while standing in them or casting a spell that goes on them, that arte will turn into an arguably stronger, much more dangerous attack. Some examples are using Fang Blade on a Wind FoF to create Lightning Tiger Blade. Another example is using Raging Blast on a Water FoF to make Frigid Blast. Experiment around!
(Note that enemies can use FoFs too. :P)

What do the light and dark FoF circles do?-(submitted by Skarmory60)
Wind - Light - Fire
Earth - Dark - Water

^ Look above. The two elements next to Light - Wind and Fire - can be used on a light FoF. So, basically, if you used Fang Blade on a light-element FoF, it would create Lightning Tiger Blade, because wind is next to light. The same applies for dark, except different elements. It's pretty easy to remember after a while.

How do I make colored FoF circles quickly?-(submitted by Skarmory60)
A novice/mid-level spell will require 2 castings to make a FoF of that element. However, they must both be of that same element. So Stalagmite twice would make an earth FoF, but Stalagmite once and Splash once would make nothing but an unusable Water FoF and an unusable Earth FoF.
A high-level spell will make a FoF instantly. Yay!
I'm not so sure about strike artes, but I think it's around 4-8 times that it needs to be used.

How do I use free run?-(submitted by Skarmory60)
The character you're controlling must be at level five (or know the "Free Run" AD skill from a Grade Shop purchase). To free run, hold down L2 and move the analog stick in the direction that you want to run. Note that you cannot attack, use items or spells, or do any actions while free running. To stop running, simply let go of L2.

How much TP is needed for the Mystic Artes?-(submitted by squishy075)
Lost Fon Drive: 50 TP
Fortune's Arc with or without Extension: 100 TP
Indignation: 100 TP
Dying Moon: 50 TP
Fever Time: 100 TP
Brilliant Overlord: 50 TP
Noble Roar: 100 TP

Luke is really hard to get used to after playing as Lloyd from ToS... help?-(submitted by Skarmory60)
Use Guy. A lot of people like to use Guy instead of Luke, most notably because of his fast, swift attacks.
9 years ago#4
The battle load times are horrible! What can I do?-(submitted by Skarmory60)
I (and many others) tend to skip battling on the world map because of that. Don't worry -- in dungeons and other non-world map areas, the battles load a lot faster. If you need to train, head to the nearest dungeon!

How do I use overlimit?-(submitted by Skarmory60)
Be level 15 or know the "Overlimit" AD skill. Then, fill up the green bar in battle by attacking enemies. When it gets full, press R2 to activate overlimit.

How do I activate a mystic arte/hi-ougi?-(submitted by Skarmory60 and squishy075)
First, a character must be level 30 or know the "Special" AD skill. Then, the character must be in Overlimit. For Luke, Guy, Anise, or Natalia to use their Mystic Arte, simply use an arcane arte. That character should use their Mystic Arte. For Jade and Tear, use a high-level spell or a hymn. They'll use their Mystic Artes. (Note that there are other Mystic Artes that can be used, but those are 2nd playthrough only.

Tear and Jade can't use their Mystic Artes!-(submitted by Skarmory60)
It's a glitch. See section 2c on Hikari62's Glitches FAQ for more information. If you are having trouble activating their Mystic Artes, see Aileronís Character FAQ for specific requirements.

What is the maximum level?

What are the best places to level up?
The area near Nebilim's Crag
The Abyss (second playthrough)
Mushroom Road

Where's the Albiore? I left it in [insert place here], but now I can't find it.
You can always depart on the Albiore from port. It doesn't matter where on the world map you left it.

What is this world map glitch I keep hearing about?-(submitted by Skarmory60)
The world map glitch is a special glitch in the game that allows you to go anywhere in the world map at any time -- even places you're not supposed to be yet! A lot of people use it to get powerful items early, visit the casino early, etc. Here's how you do it:

1. Go onto the world map. Make sure nothing's loading when you do this!
2. Open the disc tray and take the disc out.
3. Close the disc tray.
4. The game may freeze for a couple seconds... but you'll be able to walk around soon.
5. You can now walk over virtually anything. You'll probably get caught in some mountains, etc. To fix this, simply put the disc back in, and you'll be leveled with the land once more.

What are some good places to get grade or money? - (Submitted by Shadow47001 and DGM09)
Grade - Set to highest difficulty you can, equip a Dice/Blue Dice (Blue Dice can be obtained from Nebilim) if you have them, then just go fight battles at Cheagle Woods. [valdo6500 adds: I actually thought the area around Nebilim's Crag was good for grade. I set the difficulty on hard and was got 8.5+ grade on the sand worm and the giant white monsters there on hard with blue dice. I got over 11 grade a few times fighting those monsters.]

Money - One method of doing this: Be sure you can buy the Fork, Spoon, Knife items at Keterburg for a low price (43650 Gald each), and equip Jade's 'Emperor's Best Friend' title, and buy all you can. Then, equip Anise's 'Cat Cat Kitty Cat' title, and sell all (50124 Gald each) them off to Engeve for a profit.

Are the casino items worth it? - (Submitted by Shadow47001)
Simply put, no. By the time the good items are out, even better stuff is available. They are all necessary for completing the Collector's Book though.

How can I easily make chips? - (Submitted by Shadow47001)
The best method of going about this would be selecting double or nothing for poker all the time, even better once you can bet up to 300 chips. It'll take a long while, but eventually you'll get enough.
9 years ago#5
How do I steal items from monsters?-(Q. Submitted by twilightultima)
Equip a Grass (Green) FonSlot chamber on certain skills to add a steal effect. Here are the skills that will steal:
Luke: Raging Blast, Swallow Fury
Tear: Banishing Sorrow
Jade: Thunder Lance
Anise: Eagle Dive, Surge Breaker
Guy: Void Tempest, Final Cross
Natalia: Aerial Laser

The Arte must stagger the enemy to Steal from them, and the notice FSC Effect must show up. For a 100% chance of the notice showing up above your character's head, max the Grass Chamber on one of the artes above. I'd recommend Void Tempest and Final Cross.

What are all of the 2nd playthrough bonuses?-(submitted by Skarmory60)
- Skit viewer in Keterburg.
- "Unknown" and "Very Hard" difficulties unlocked.
- A bunch of new sidequests and costumes.
- Some new hi-ougis/Mystic Artes.
- The grade shop.

How much grade do I get for beating the game?Submitted by DGM09
After you defeat the last boss, you'll win 1500 Grade. Note that this reward is not shown at the end of the battle and that the amount you win is always the same, no matter the difficulty.

Can you buy Capacity Cores from Capacity Core shops?-(submitted by DGM09)
No, you can't. Capacity Core shops are pretty much useless, except for the fact that you can see what C. Cores you have and how many (not which) you are missing.

How do I obtain the Collector's Book?-(submitted by DGM09)
Almost at the beginning of the game, after sleeping at Engeve, talk to the apple seller, then go to the Cheagle Woods and find the box he wanted. Return to Engeve and talk with the seller. You'll receive the Collector's Book.
Note: As idiotic as this may seem, the Collector's Book is missable. You'll have to finish this small sidequest before you enter Akzeriuth or the Book will only be acquirable on the next playthrough.

I missed [insert Catalyst Weapon here]! Can I still complete the quest?-submitted by Berserker Swordsman
Yes, you can still complete the quest as there is no cut-off point.

Why don't my Catalysts do more damage?-submitted by Berserker Swordsman
If you have not already completed the sidequest, then do so. After completing the sidequest, you must talk to Peony and Tritheim. After that, your Catalyst Weapons will unlock their power. For each kill, one attack point is added to the weapon. Keep in mind that the stats of the weapon will not change in the equipment screen. You'll only see the power by using them. Another reason for Catalysts doing little damage is probably from not using the character as often as others. Most people will see Luke's Nebilim do a lot of damage since he is most likely used the most on a first playthrough.

How do I get the vorpal sword?-pics by x Shadow

Just follow the instructions in those pics...

How can I see how much Grade I have?-(submitted by DGM09)
Go to the Keterburg casino and ask to trade Grade for Chips. The amount of Grade you have will be displayed.

How do I fly through storms when aboard the Albiore?-(submitted by DGM09)
To fly through any of these adversities, you need to obtain the Refined Flight Stone, which can be found near one of Mt. Roneal's exits at a Search Point (refer to Cyllya's map for a clearer understanding of the location. The Refined Flight Stone is assigned to I - Some other flight stone).
9 years ago#6
I can't land in some terrain types with the Albiore. Why is that?-(submitted by DGM09)
To be able to land anywhere, you need to acquire the Greater Flight Stone, which can be found close to Mushroom Road's exit at a Search Point (refer to Cyllya's map for a clearer understanding of the location. The Greater Flight Stone is assigned to H - Greater Fonic Flight Stone).

There are SPOILERS on this page!

I'm stuck at the Isle of Feres. How do I get out?-(submitted by Berserker Swordsman)

What are all of Anise's dolls and how can I get them?-(Submitted by Shadow47001)

Wonder Doll - Agility +50, Luck +50
Din's item creation shop in Chesedonia (Anise category, class 3 price)

Heihachi - Gives skills "Demon Breath" and "Stone Head"
Din's item creation shop in Chesedonia (Anise category, class 2 price)

Artificial Life Form - Gives skill "X-BUSTER"
Din's item creation shop in Chesedonia (Anise category, class 4 price)

Warrior Maiden - Physical Attack +50, Fonic Attack +50, Recover HP and TP upon enemy defeat
Doctor's office in research center at Belkend

Time Traveling Hero - Critical rate increases
Astor's house in Chesedonia

Priestess - Gives skill "Inspect Eye"
Exhibition match at the Coliseum

Great Pirate - Gives skill "Pow Hammer"
Warehouse mini game at Port Belkend

Time Traveling Girl - Gives spell "Resurrection"
Stolen from Arietta at Mt. Roneal

Empty Girl - Gives skill "Beast"
Peony's childhood house in Keterburg (Available after the events at Inista Marsh and Belkend)

Rare Genius - Gives spell "Divine Saber"
Stolen from Arietta at Cheagle Woods

The Prince - 15% chance of recovery from KO
Din's item creation shop in Chesedonia (Anise, special request)

Ant Lion Man - 8% HP and TP recovery at regular intervals
Buy it from the Ant Lion Man at Nam Cobanda Isle after doing the Ant Lion Man sub events in Chesedonia

Another good note is that for Luke and Guy, only the last attack of their arcane arte has to hit. For Anise and Natalia, you simply have to use the arcane arte for the Mystic Arte to activate.

When is [sidequest] missable?-(submitted by Skarmory60)
Check any of the FAQs here, or use Cyllya's sidequests FAQ:

I can't get the rings for the Ant Lion Man sidequest. Help?.-(submitted by Skarmory60)
Right before you head to the Radiation Gate, you can buy them in Chesedonia

Where do I find a stripped ribbon for the Ant Lion Man sidequest? - (Submitted by smash fanatic)
Chesedonia sells these after you complete Radiation Gate.
Stripped Ribbons are sold in Chesedonia before the war starts, but they're very expensive (several hundreds of thousands of gald), so you'll need to transfer gald if you want to buy it beforehand.

How do I obtain Mieu Wings?-(submitted by DGM09)
Remember that first area in the game? Tataroo Valley? At a certain point in the game, you'll need to get back to this place. After you enter the valley, go up to the next area and then right. Look closely for a wall that seems to be out of place and Mieu Attack it, revealing an entrance. Once inside, go to the right to obtain Mieu Wings.
9 years ago#7
How do I obtain Mieu Fire 2?-(submitted by DGM09)
After clearing Zaleho Volcano, go back to Keterburg. Go to the left side of the hotel and you will find Shiba and Peko there (Note: You have to complete another sidequest which involves saving Shiba to be able to find them there. Refer to the Extras guide by Aileron for more information on that sidequest. After the scene, you should have returned to Zaleho Volcano. Return to the area where Fyr Bronc was spitting fireballs at you. You should be able to walk on the solid magma to get to another area. There, Mieu will learn Mieu Fire 2.

How do I get into Ortion Cavern? I can't get past the whirlpool!-(submitted by DGM09)
Wrong entrance. You get inside Ortion Cavern through another one, farther to the west.

How can I see how much Grade I have?-(submitted by DGM09)
Go to the Keterburg casino and ask to trade Grade for Chips. The amount of Grade you have will be displayed.

NOTE: The following post will contain SPOILERS up to the very end of the game. You've been warned!

What does the Jewel of Lorelei do?-(submitted by Isenet)
It heals somewhere around 10% of total HP and TP at regular intervals.

How do I keep the [JoL/item that makes Luke uber]?-(submitted by Skarmory60)
You canít. It's mandatory that the JoL becomes part of the KoL. If you want to use the JoL for the coliseum, do it BEFORE the scene when you get the KoL.

Can I keep Asch in my party?-(Submitted by Majutsuko)
When he joins in Yulia City, no. But when he joins at Mushroom Road, yes, if you use the Map Trick/Glitch, but then you can't keep Luke in the same party with him (unless you use codes).

Thereís a FAQ called the Asch Guide here that tells you how to do it.

There's also a smaller, yet more colorful version of it which also has AR MAX codes (at the bottom; Majutsuko's 2nd post):

Asch is my favorite/one of my favorite character(s). Can I use him in the fight against Nebilim?submitted by FullMetalMania
Not without a cheating device. As you need Luke in your party to get the last scene with the Unicorn Horn, and getting the Unicorn Horn is well past the point where you can get Asch without character mod codes, you can't.

The game's not giving me the Tactical Leader title/costume! What gives?-(submitted by Skarmory60)
You need to have defeated Nebilim in Very Hard or Unknown mode, meaning you can only get the title in your second playthrough. This wasn't the case in the original Japanese version.

Who is that guy at the end?
It's whoever you think it is. Namco didn't give us an official answer. Some people think these things:
-It's Luke.
-It's Asch.
-It's both in one body.
-That both Luke and Asch lived on.

There are more possibilities.

How long was Mr. Ending gone for?
One year. It may be strange to think of, but the game itself took place over a couple of years, and the ending scene took place a year after that.

9 years ago#8
The Coliseum: Tips for Advanced Singles Matches (all of this is by twilightultima)
Be at Level 60-70+.

NOTE: This is assuming you have completed a bunch of sidequests, and that you have gotten a ton of AD skills. Also, if you donít have access to a certain Mystic Arte, use one that you have.

And there are some spoilers on this page.

Luke/Guy: Dragon Killer/ Vorpal Sword
Tear/Anise: Holy Cross/ Eldrant Weapons
Jade: Fonic Lance/ Penetrator
Natalia: Fonic Arrow/ Clay Arrow

Spirit Symbol
Spirit Ring
Holy Ring
Ant Lion Man Doll(Anise)
Jewel of Lorelei (If you still have it)(Luke)

You'll need ways of healing and there's a bunch.

Accessories (Stated above)
Certain Artes+Grass Chamber/Carmine Chamber
Healing Artes (Tear/Natalia)
AD Skill Rebirth

Luke: ....Steel+Grass Chamber
Guy:.......Center+Carmine Chamber
Tear:......First Aid+Carmine Chamber (Fastest Casting Time)
Natalia:.Calvary+Grass Chamber
Anise: Mighty Charge/Lucky+Grass Chamber

Ways to max the level of the chambers:

Assign the arte to the neutral direction button in the artes menu.

Get into an easy battle, turn everyone to manual, and sit in a corner and spam the arte a lot of times. Kill the monsters, check the level and continue if needed.

For the Coliseum Battles, set it to the Upward Shortcut.

Cooking Recipes:
Get the Stew, Gratin, Fruit Cocktail, and Miso Stew Recipes.
Use Stew if you don't have Gratin and Fruit Cocktail.
Assign them to Cooking Shortcuts.

Extra: Max the Sunlight Chamber for Jade's Thunder Lance
for some fun later.

Got everything or some of the stuff? Ok.

Now get a move on to the Coliseum.

We'll start with Jade.
Have a full/ near full OL Gauge ready.
Equip Holy Ring.

Here's the list of enemies.

HP Levels are from Normal Difficulty.

Round 1:
Two-Handed Master
HP: 39000

Round 2:
Screechit X12
HP: 6000

Round 3:
Full Plate Warrior
HP: 45000

Round 4:
HP: 50000

Round 5:
Castle Golem
HP: 52600 or was it 54,000+? I forgot.
9 years ago#9
Note: Have a full/near full OL ready.
Round 1:
Don't use OL.
Equip Thunder Lance Base Arte to the neutral button.
Equip Holy Ring.
Remember the Extra about the Sunlight Chamber?
If you did it, and the Sunlight Chamber is equipped to Thunder Lance, then have fun doing the following:
Attack x3->Thunder Lance->Lightning Tempest
If not:
Attack x3-> Thunder Lance
Repeat 4 times.
Then Lightning Tempest.
If the Two Handed Master uses Overlimit, or any of the other enemies in the later rounds, run around until then run out of their OL Form. You can see by whether or not the aura around them is there or not.

Cook Stew if you ever need to.

Round 2:
Remember the OL Reminder?
Now, activate OL, start up a High Level Fonic Arte, Hold X. Voila, Mystic Cage.

Round 3:
FPW is extremely slow, so repeat the Strategy for fighting the Two Handed Master.
Attack his back to avoid any hits if he isn't staggered by your attacks.
Run around to heal up from the Holy Ring.

Round 4:
The beast is faster than most of the others in attack speed.
Do the usual.

Round 5:
That means, FONIC ARTE TIME!
Let the Castle Golem chase you to one side then Free Run away to the other side and cast Blessed Drops or Prism Sword.
DO NOT use any Earth or Fire Spells, because you'll be seeing a ton of 1s.(Ground Dasher, Flame Burst, Infernal Prison, Stalagmite)
If you have a full OL Gauge then use your Mystic Arte.
Don't attack it close up because it has the spin attack.
IF you run out of TP to cast any more spells, than sit down and Taunt till OL Gauge is full then MA continuously.

Guy :
Equip a Spirit Symbol/ Ring.
Equip Center to up Shortcut.
Set the cooking for Guy before talking to the person at the reception desk.
It may look like it is set after signing up your character, but after battle, it doesn't appear.

Round 1:
Use Razing Phoenix if you want.
Hold Left or Right on the D-Pad, then Press X 7 Times if you all of the Add Combo AD Skills and then follow up with Severing Wind. Run around to Heal with Center if needed.

Round 2:
Sit in the middle of a mob of some birds.
Guard when they attack.
Use Severing Wind until they die.
Run around to recover TP if needed.

Round 3:
You could try doing continuous Tiger Blade spamming.
If not, try Attack x7->Tiger Blade->Void Tempest->Soaring Light Spear.

Round 4:
Spam Soaring Light Spear until you successfully launch the enemy into the air and throw him. The last hit of SLS does quite some damage.

Round 5:
Do not use Razing Phoenix.
If you do, prepare to see a total of around 14 DMG.
Use Hit and Run Tactics or use Demon Fang->Moonlight Demon->Demon Fang and hope that the Demon Fangs and the Demon Fang part of the MD hits.
Center+Run around for HP and TP Recovery.
9 years ago#10
NOTE: There are some spoilers on this page.

Equip Spirit Symbol. Set the Cooking.
Set Storm Edge to O, Gallant Barrage to Down+O, and whatever you want to the others.
You could put Calvary on UP Shortcut if you've maxed the Grass Chamber for it.
Have Carmine Chambers on Storm Edge and Gallant Barrage.

Round 1:
Attack x 7->Storm Edge->Gallant Barrage->Storm Edge. Repeat this. Save your OL if you charged it up to full. Heal with Calvary if needed.

Round 2:
Use OL and then MA: Astral Rain . Then spam Gallant Barrage. If you want to, use Star Stroke. Use MA again if you want.

Round 3:
Repeat Round 1's Strategy. Also, stand a bit closer to the FPW for more hits with Gallant Barrage.

Round 4:
Attack x 7- >Piercing Line-> Storm Edge -> Star Stoke, Piercing Line-> Storm Edge-> Gallant Barrage, or the usual from Round 1.

Round 5:
Round 1 Tactics, but shoot from afar. If you want, try to use as many normal attacks before the Castle Golem gets to you. Use Astral Rain if you want.

Equip Spirit Symbol/Jewel of Lorelei. Set the Cooking.
Carmine Chamber to your strike artes, Grass Chamber to Steel.
Sunlight Chamber to Light Spear Cannon if maxed.
I'd also suggest doing Luke's when Ion is with you, so you can do extension if you're in further playthroughs.

Round 1:
Attack x7->Rending Thrust->Havoc Strike->Rending Havoc
Attack x7->Rending Thrust->Havoc Strike->Light Spear Cannon
Attack x7->Rending Thrust->Lightning Blade->Sonic/Rending Thrust
Also Heal with Steel.
You take your pick.

Round 2:
Kill them one by one.
If they send out wind FoFs, FoF Change Light Spear Cannon to Light Blast.
Use Radiant Howl when possible.

Round 3:
Hit and run or use a chain from Round 1.

Round 4:
See Round 1 or Round 3

Round 5:
Use Radiant Howl+Ion Extension when possible.
See Round 1 and 3.
Make sure to be careful of the spin attack.
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