Tales of the Abyss FAQ v5

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I RARELY ever use Steal Skills .-.
Well Its simply i do not know how, But then after Knowing what Nebilim Had O_O I had to! xD
Took Me hours until i got the Blue Dice .w. Worth it!
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You get Blue Dice automatically don't you?

Tutti is all you steal IIRC.
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I CAN'T USE JADE's INDIGNATION i use thunder blade 400 times, 3rd playthrough and did the r2 button thing... how do i use it?!??!?!?!
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You go into overlimit, DON'T MOVE, have 100 TP, and hold the button till it goes.

If it never goes, it's probably a glitch. Do you have the Game Records show up on the title screen?
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Boss problem after I get on a second ship.
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"Where do I find a stripped ribbon for the Ant Lion Man sidequest? - (Submitted by smash fanatic)
Chesedonia sells these after you complete Radiation Gate.
Stripped Ribbons are sold in Chesedonia before the war starts, but they're very expensive (several hundreds of thousands of gald), so you'll need to transfer gald if you want to buy it beforehand."

after your group splits into 2 and you have to run to chesedonia avoiding battles, when your party meets back up in chesedonia, you can buy them for <50k.

in gbness's faq, it mentions if you save your rebirth dolls and sell them at engeve during the split, you can get loads of gald; actually, if you wait til you get to chesedonia, you can sell them for double what you get in engeve (i think rebirth dolls sell for 125k apiece, and i had 2 at that point in time).
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How do I get out of Isles of Feres with no wing bottle?
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Could you do some research into why Jade's Indignation isn't as good damage wise as his Mystic Cage? Besides MC being full screen and not costing TP, unlike Indignation.
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It's been a long time since I played this game, but if I remember right this is a good way to make a kick ass profit.

Buy as much food as you can before you reach Akzeriuth.


After it falls, sell it in town for a huge profit. This is the only time in the game when this opportunity is available. Prices will be back to normal after you leave.

As I said before, it's been a LONG time, and that was a rushed game. I could be wrong on this one. I don't know when I'll have the time to play it again, so if some one else could confirm this, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

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