Tales of the Abyss FAQ v5

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Wow, this topic still hasn't been filled up? Hm, surprising. xD
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Sorry for intruding, but i really need a guide to beat Nefilim on Very Hard Mode, please?

I tried it while respecting a faq(the biggest one), but i fail miserabily... And btw i didn't use an All divider, should really i?

She's a real monster, i only get her 30000 HP(it's not even 1/20 of her whole HP)!!!
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Nevermind i beat her after a dozen trying, it's very hard, but not impossible. And i need to use the All Divide to beat her... The most important part was patience!
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Beat whom?
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From: felixrush | #131
Wow, this topic still hasn't been filled up? Hm, surprising. xD

It'll take ages at this rate, haha.
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Tear is the reason I bought this game
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ion is the reason I bought this game.....cause SHE is cute and SHE is a GIRL, whatever everyone else in the game says it's not true cause SHE is a GIRL!!!
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Tear is my favorite character, she's finally a female lead who doesen't get kidnapped and who fights back! I also like her songs!