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How can I fight Professor Nebilim? This will be my 3rd playthrough and I attempted to look through the facts but couldn't find the information I needed. Thanks in advance.
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Sorry for the double post.

I meant *Faqs*
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Taken from Aileron's Extra's Guide:

Nebilim and the Catalyst Weapons
Rewards: Maken Nebilim, Seiken Lost Celesti, Masou Blood Pain, Seikyuu
Quelquatl, Majou Chaos Heart, Seijou Unicorn Horn
Luke's "Tactical Leader" title

It is better to do this subevent after clearing Radiation Gate so you can do
everything at once. You will also obtain the Maken Nebilim by defeating the
Blade Rex in a story event.

Note: The weapons must be in your item list so do not equip them during this
Event 1:
Available: When searching for the Flight Stone in Daht.

Talk to Tritheim in the Church's main hall. After that, go to Kethelburg and
talk to Nefry in her office. Then go to Grand Cokuma and talk to Peony in his
bedroom to get the Seiken Lost Celesti.
Event 2:
Available: After clearing Adsorption Gate and Natalia rejoins the party.

Go to Grand Cokuma and enter Jade's office in Malkuth Headquaters. Then go to
St. Bynah and talk to Old man Mcgovern. He'll tell you to ask Glen so enter
the inn and talk to him. Glen will ask you to find a Buusagi outside the town
in exchange for the Masou Blood Pain. When you go outside, the Buusagi will be
standing right in front of you. Pick it up and go back to Glen to get the
Event 3:
Available: After clearing Zaleho Volcano twice.
Requirements: Mieu Wing and Mieu Fire 2

Go to Vaticle and enter the Abandoned Factory. Look for the ladder you couldn't
reach last time and use Mieu Wing. After climbing the ladder, go left and use
Mieu Fire 2 on the switch to activate the trolley. The trolley will go outside
so exit the factory. Take the trolley you activated earlier and you'll enter
another part of the factory. Open up the treasure chests for a Sunlight Chamber
and the Seikyuu Quelquatl.
Event 4:
Available: After clearing Radiation Gate.

Go to Daht and enter the church. You will see Florian running around holding
the Majou Chaos Heart. To look for him, go to the warp room and use the yellow
fonic glyph. You will be in the room which has Florian inside. Talk to him and
you will get the weapon.

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Event 5:
Available: After defeating Synch in Eldrant.
Requirements: Mieu Wing and Mieu Fire 2

In the room before the final boss in Eldrant, fight the monsters roaming around
the room. When fighting the Guardians, use a Light element spell to defeat them
to obtain the Light Fonstone after the battle. Go outside to the room with two
ladder pillars. Strike the symbol marked on the pillars with Mieu Attack to
tumble them. Go back to the previous room.

Use the Light Fonstone on the lower device to turn the entire room 90 degrees
counter-clockwise. Go to the other room by heading downwards. Once you are
outside, pass the small narrow path blocked by the Oracle Knight and climb the
long pillar. Head left, stand under the spinning device and use Mieu Wing to
open a door. Climb back down and climb the other pillar. This will lead you to
the treasure chest keeping the Fonic Sword. Step on the switch near the narrow
path to reset the room.

Return to the room with the Guardian and defeat them with a Dark Element Spell
to obtain the Shadow Fonstone. Go outside again, climb up the long ladder and
enter the new door that was opened. In this new room, use the Shadow Fonstone
on the upper device to turn the entire room 90 degrees clockwise. Go outside
by heading downwards. In this room, turn the two reflectors until they face
each other.

Step on the switch to return the room back to normal. Go up to the place with
the two red switches and stand between them. Face the two reflectors you turned
and use Mieu Fire 2. As the fireball heads towards the two switchs, use Mieu
Wing to block the fireball from hitting the switch behind you. The camera will
reveal a door opening. Go inside that door and you will be in Yulia's grave.
Examine the Seijou Unicorn Horn to obtain it.
Event 6:
Available: After defeating Synch in Eldrant.
Requirements: Greater Flight Stone, Refined Flight Stone

After getting all six weapons, go Northwest of Kethelburg into the heavy
blizzard and look for Nebilim's Rock(a mountain with a large crack on it).
Once you're inside, approach the yellow fonic glyph.

HP: 320000
TP: 880
Phy.Atk: 1314
Phy.Def: 1520
Mag.Atk: 853
Mag.Def: 1280
EXP: 34000
Gald: 50000
Drops: Blue Dice(100%), Red Bellbane(100%), Tutti C.Core(Steal 20%)

Once you defeat Nebilim, go to Grand Cokuma and talk to Peony. Go outside the
palace to meet Dist. After that, go to Daht and talk to Tritheim. Then go to
Vaticle and talk to Pere to get Luke's "Tactical Leader" costume title.

To get this title in the US Version, you MUST fight Nebilim on Very Hard or
Unknown mode and you can only get these difficulties on your 2nd playthrough.

To activate the weapons, you must talk to Peony and Tritheim after defeating
Nebilim. Equiping the Catalysts will ignore your Physical and Fonic Attacks
stats and all damage will be based on the number of enemies the characters have
killed. The maximum number is 9999.

In other words: The Catalyst Weapons will not add with your Physical/Fonic
Attack stats but will be based on the number of enemies you
have killed from the start of the game.

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