END ALL BE ALL poll: (massive spoilers)

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4 years ago#11
demonguardian posted...
It's also missing Stahn, which is obviously the correct answer...

You get a cookie for the correct answer.
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4 years ago#12
EmbraceChaos posted...
CatMuto posted...
EmbraceChaos posted...
Even with fusion, you would have to choose who the dominant personality is. The answer being Luke.

What about the option: Fusion - but with entirely new personality?


It means you never spent any attention on the plot or the sidequest concerning the fusion.

You mean that Sidequest that is rather complicated to understand at times, but eventually, if you think about it, totally means that the conditions for That Sidequest Fusion and Luke-Asch Fusion are completely different?
That one?
Yeah, aside from the conditions being different, it does not nullify a fusion option, so I say there is still a possibility that it is so.

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4 years ago#13
Awful poll; no options for fusion, Stahn with red hair, or a 3rd replica of the original Luke that Jade created.
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