Been playing the game since a couple of days now(spoilers)

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3 years ago#31
Aramis Spring is near Daath's port. It's the first dungeon you go as Luke with his new hair style, remember?

The probability that a FSC will work relies on use. Every arte start with one node with the color you put (in your case, red). Each 20 times you use that arte will improve the FSC "bar" by one. That means the effect of that chamber will work more frequently. When maxed, the FSC will always take effect when you use that arte with that chamber. You can change chambers if you want, it'll stay the same when you put that chamber back. That also means that you have to max each chamber individually.

You can steal enemies by putting a grass (green) chamber on certain artes, such as Raging Blast, Void Tempest, Shadow Raid... It's recommendable that you max it, since, even if the chamber takes effect, it's not guaranteed that you'll steal an item. Not that troublesome since you can spam that arte, but still...
3 years ago#32
how to access aramis spring? i do not see it as the sky is red and i can access yulia city, if aramis spring is in outer world than how to i got to outer world?
i am in love albeit its one-sided as of yet.
3 years ago#33
To go to the Outer Lands, head a little bit above Yulia city, N-NE I think, there should be a brighter spot where you have access to it.

For Aramis Spring, leave Daath's port, go by the hills/mountains and there should be a cave-like entrance...
3 years ago#34
done with it, natalia got her new title, currently at daath, i tried the coliseum battles, i failed horribly, i managed to survive till round 3 on around 4 tries and that also in the easy team battle mode, the battles are too hard and restrictions on no item usage hurts badly. up and until this i thought the game is rather very easy even by normal rpg standards let alone tales standards, but now this is hard.

levels are 40, current cash is overt 91000 and time clock is around 34+ hours, over 530 encounters, today was a holiday but as i right this post its day over and time to go to sleep.

now i do not understand some story related things, what did asch meant when he said you remember the promise to natalia? i also find it weird that after meeting luke's mother after a long time there was nothing special about it. the story is still kinda deep so this was strange for me.

by the way will asch even join the team for real? i am thinking to switching to natalia cause a.i. luke is fighting better as i neglect defense and safety and also since i am really better with those bow attacks.

on a /note is anyone good at gran turismo series? i want to know whether the series is all about speed? i suck at these racing sims, i am not unfamiliar with the series but i cannot handle more than 250 of total hp, even in the amatuer leagues the computer cars are too fast and its hard for me to handle much speed and also it feels like brake and throttle with higher hp cars, i can even drift and in arcade mode i am managing the third rank in time trials, but when it comes to pure speed i am bad. so IS IT ALL ABOUT SPEED IN THE END? i am playing gt3 a-spec currently.

on another/note i have watched initial d till stage 4 and a fan of it and i can drift using ae86 and other cars from that series in gt3 so i am not all that bad, just cannot handle the speed.
i am in love albeit its one-sided as of yet.
3 years ago#35
No, Asch never "really" joins the party - he enters your party a total of 2 times (3 if you do the Mushroom Road Sidequest) and one of those times is for a total of 5 minutes and you do not have any battles at that point.

*If you do not care about perhaps hurting your PS2 or your game disc, you can do the world map trick to permanently get him into the party. Downside is that you will not be able to alter his equipment and that sword gets pretty weak after a while ... another way is to use Cheat Codes to turn the character in Slot 1 to Asch*

Asch made a promise to Natalia - promises are everywhere in this damn game. The promise is also tied together with the proposal he gave her when they were young.

The Cameo Battle is pretty difficult and at level 40, especially. My main tip is to get rid of Mint and then Rid. Why? Because if Rid is the last one standing, he'll use Aurora Wall and resurrect everyone ... that little ass-rocker.

You can switch to Natalia as much as you want. Whomever you want to control is up to you - unless it's one of those instances of story-plot where you can only use specific characters. Mostly Luke ...

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3 years ago#36
hello there folks, so i have reached the meggiora area again, it was confusing at first as i forgot the fact that this time around it should be reached via river. the single holiday is nearly finished, i have around 2 and a half hour left. my levels are 44 and thats exactly faq is recommending, i am not overlevel which is not good as i like power leveling, anyways i got the ship flying and all and after this area i am planning to reach certain special places in outerland, are there any places where i can level up a lot right now? just finished the sync boss, fon master replica if you are confused about my current position in the game.

on a /note i am playing suikoden in my laptop and its a replay as i did not collected all 108 stars before and i also plan to play the second suikoden on as i was unable to save nanami before, fun and that makes wanna play suikoden iv even more, and also i will have suikoden 5 tomorrow. but tales comes first, i actually played this game again almost after a week, the rhythm is missing so its better that i keep playing this game was atleast one hour every day. too bad in India there are not anything called weekends.
i am in love albeit its one-sided as of yet.
3 years ago#37
now i am supposed to go to absorption gate, but where the heck is the aeroplane alboire 3 something gone? i saw the pilot noelle going off in a cutscene with asch.

one weird that happened with me here was that i was supposed to collect the members at the keterburg hotel, like jake will be behind casino and mieu inside in casino etc. but that never happened.

also how long is the game now after absorption gate? thanks.
i am in love albeit its one-sided as of yet.
3 years ago#38
never mind that, all set, finished van, now i am thinking about keeping the game as this for a long while as i desperately want to switch to suikoden IV, what do you suggest? isn't alright to keep this game pending at this point? from the faq its still got a long time left so i think its fine enough that i keep things as this for a while.
i am in love albeit its one-sided as of yet.
3 years ago#39
You just reached about halfway through the game. If you're going to inevitably switch to suikoden IV, I say this is is the best moment to do so. Just don't leave the game for too long to the point of forgetting everything and have to start over...
3 years ago#40
I only play normal mode so Aurora Wall and those other hi ougis/mystic artes are never used and their hard enough to KILL ON normal mode at level 50 and yes I took both Natalia and Tear in the party and still had to revive them until Rid is the only target still alive
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