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what is all this fonic, fons, score talk. (Archived)shawnbouton49/20/2013
Any chance of this coming to PS3? (Archived)ZulHero69/11/2013
Is this game Rare? (Archived)Disgea420159/10/2013
Finished vesperia, graces f, and xillia. Decided to play through abyss again and (Archived)PSWii6329/7/2013
Can anyone get a HQ pic of this? (Archived)ElzamChronicle18/31/2013
So just watched the anime for the first time... (Archived)
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Petition for more Tales games, sorta (Archived)Luigi_Fire38/11/2013
Catalyst Weapons Question. (Archived)UbiquitousOwl48/8/2013
Any way to modify artes? (Archived)ChrisStarlite28/8/2013
seed gathering quest ... how can I recharge search points ? (Archived)Becko27/28/2013
using codes to use FOF artes (Archived)finalDeathX47/16/2013
Peony says nothing for nebilim sidequest... Spoilers (Archived)Gallusz37/16/2013
Luke takes Guy out behind the inn (Archived)xSylpheed87/12/2013
why cant I fight (Archived)Dark_Descending57/5/2013
Started this game after a while ago beating the 3ds version (Archived)kirbymaster10127/2/2013
Killing is wrong. *SPOILERS* (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz97/2/2013
this just in: russian zoo home to rare baby ligers (Archived)sonicbn26/20/2013
Starting this game today. (Archived)
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CodeBreaker-ARMax-Gameshark mystic arte/arte mod codes (Archived)10tonpoundpig66/10/2013
sword dancer2 why cant i fight him? (Archived)mdw32146/3/2013
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