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How do I get the FOFs' to appear in battle? (Archived)
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Which one next? (Archived)cupninja912/19/2012
Does anyone know if herb stat gains carry over to an NG+? (Archived)Nogaham512/19/2012
Item thrower? (Archived)Shaggy2J212/14/2012
The promise at the end is *SPOILERS* (Archived)
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To those who think that the touchscreen is bad (Archived)Garioshi212/12/2012
How can I do Lightning Tiger Blade? (Archived)HakuMan111386912/12/2012
Tales of the Abyss Codebreaker Codes (Archived)AlphaZ3ro77112/11/2012
Question about cooking shortcuts? (Archived)HakuMan111386312/11/2012
All about asch(spoilers) (Archived)completeboy412/11/2012
There's no "T" or "S" like in Symphonia? (Archived)HakuMan111386212/11/2012
2nd playthrough questions (Archived)Shio77212/9/2012
Been playing the game since a couple of days now(spoilers) (Archived)
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Question about the co-op (Archived)freutty2312/7/2012
How is this game compared to other RPGs on the 3ds library? (Archived)zeroxfinal212/6/2012
This game should've been called Tales of Harmonia and been on the Gamecube (Archived)KrisIsLyra812/3/2012
I get lost in this game all the time (Archived)
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King Ingobert VI's voice actor? (Archived)Aeres116699112/1/2012
Good Starting Point for the Series? (Archived)Billy277812/1/2012
adventurous princess title (Archived)keife191611/30/2012
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