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8 years ago#1
im on the quest where i need to meet up with and talk to the spy. ive been here twice now and cannot figure out who to talk to. ive talked to everyone i can find in the city, but no luck :(

any suggestions?
8 years ago#2
found it! wee!
8 years ago#3
The Meet the Spy quest is a bit bugged, unless I'm mistaken. In previous versions, the lord would tell you that the spy is wearing a particular item, such as a Straw Hat, but usually something that half the town wore anyway; which made it somewhat easier to identify who the spy was. Now it's just a guessing game, and it can be frustrating to find everyone in the city.
8 years ago#4
This quest is pretty annoying. Just have to get the right greeting from the quest giver, sneak (or fight) into town, and say the phrase to every normal townsperson you run into. This of course means you have to sneak in during normal business hours. It's only worthwhile because of the decent relationship bonus you get for completing it.
8 years ago#5
no the meet the spy quest you are given a set phrase to say, the king tells you, and the spy will respond if you say the right phrase.

he tells you the gender. so it takes a couple of times before you find right person.
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