"I am downright appalled at the general state of affairs"

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7 years ago#1
How do I improve the "general state of affairs?" All of my heros are leaving me! I understand that they all hate each other, but they seem to be getting better at that... So what do I do? Also, once they leave can I ever get them back or are they gone forever?

Sequeezey: The sheltered one
7 years ago#2
if they dislike one aspect about your group, they have to love the other two.

So get in a lot of battles and destroy looters/raiders/enemy forces.

That'll keep your morale and approval rating up high. That's the only advice I have~
7 years ago#3
And yes you can get them back. About a week after they leave you they'll show up in taverns again begging to be in your wonderful army.
7 years ago#4
Also, make sure you have plenty of food (I normally have at least 20 items in my inventory).
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7 years ago#5
personally, I just dont like keeping too many heroes as they have too many reasons to quarrel with each other, seems each hero hates at lest one another hero..
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7 years ago#6
Well, after fighting a few battles together they will start to grow on eachother and say how wonderful the other people are. So i think I just need to get past that part. So, the only trick is to just fight alot?

Oh, and the reason I have all of the heros is im doing a game with only me and heros. So I have an army of 17. It's pretty weak at this point. I've been using cheats so that I can buy them really good armor. But it's still pretty slow. After a while we'll pwn.

Sequeezey: The sheltered one
7 years ago#7
They like the General state of affairs more if you have a higher leadership skill, so you should still raise that even if you aren't going to get more people to follow you around.
7 years ago#8
O.o That's a good tip. Thanks! I also have my persuasion really high... so that when they try to leave I have a better chance of talking them out of it. I'm so mean!

Sequeezey: The sheltered one
7 years ago#9
Here's a hint for you folks out there about the heroes that come with the regular version

each hero likes one other hero

and hates two other ones.

Yes you read me right.
7 years ago#10
Yeah, I've noticed that....

Sequeezey: The sheltered one
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