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StickySOS Codes Board (Sticky)CJayC (A)110/5/2006
Mew not appearing! (Blue Rescue Team) (Archived)PajamaWarrior57/21 9:28PM
I'm stuck in the woods (Archived)Negativity27/12 1:49PM
Just replayed this game, Magnemite makes bosses a joke (Archived)Nopegineer16/28 10:02PM
Nickname question (Archived)Misguided-Fox16/24 1:51AM
Help! Somebody! (Archived)sandpaw1326/21 2:09PM
Just ordered this for 12 bucks! I now own every single Pokemon game EVER!!! :D (Archived)NewportBox100s92/2 7:38PM
Worth playing this if I already have Explorers of Sky? (Archived)StickyJumper21/21 9:27AM
I cry because of this game (Archived)Haipanda312/3 6:59PM
MOON STONE WANTED! + extra info (Archived)bridgeybear04411/16 9:28AM
Why can't I recruit anything in Joyous Tower? (Archived)Gomen-Asai811/2 4:53PM
Hold my hand and bring me to Jirachi! (Archived)LilPikachu29/17 10:18AM
Where can I find these items... (Archived)LilPikachu39/15 9:36AM
Need to be rescued!! (Archived)Hibiki1029/14 7:45PM
New Glitch Found? (Archived)635atom18/14/2014
Starting (Archived)PokeBuxton28/2/2014
Wonder Mail exclusives? (Archived)SSJ2__Gohan24/29/2014
How do I find my Friend Code for this game? (Archived)PokemonMegaFan14/22/2014
The truth behind the Dojo Registration dungeon (Archived)froggylover6663/30/2014
Does it unlock anything if I play this with Red in the GBA slot? (Archived)Miken Ayers43/7/2014
Wow no one is here... (Archived)DeliFlatChest51/19/2014
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