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Hard dungeons?

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User Info: pokemaniac25

8 years ago#1
why do they make escorting pokemon so hard, The last one I did I finally checked the guys lvl and he was lvl 1! I mean I understand why they don't make them super strong, but for the harder dungeons couldn't they at least make them like lvl 15? I just got done doing one for western cave and I had to take like 7 reviver seeds..........

User Info: Blaziken_rjcf

8 years ago#2
yeah, thats seriously annoying
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User Info: Wanded

8 years ago#3
yea,i don't think that they thought about it....
and its really impossible when doing this for 40 floors XP

User Info: Sythranox

8 years ago#4
I ran through a whole page and a half of Reviver Seeds escorting a Golem to the 18F of Northwind Field. only eighteen floors! >.>
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User Info: 1987guitarman

8 years ago#5

hi Pokemonmaniac25, To be honest with you The hardest dungeon i've been in is the Frosty Forest & MT. Blaze caves i've beating Articuno & moltres cause i have a pikachu & squirtle both level 27 & Trying to get to the top of the cave is hard lots of walking around I know that but i agree this game i think is better then the other ones they made for GBA let me know if u need help


User Info: pokemaniac25

8 years ago#6
thanks Guitar dude. nice picture too lol

User Info: jsagoyo193

8 years ago#7
i sometime tried to do mission that don't need escort

User Info: PokeHome

8 years ago#8

Hard to deal with BAD Pokemon? I heard that there is a Wonder Mail Tool that... well, you make your own Wonder mail!

Try to do awards with Joy Seeds, 100 x! A 2Nd reason when you BEAT the game, is Buried Relic, by completing Stormy Sea.

You can get Regirock, Regice, Registeel and Mew. I done it! I got 1600 {maybe} Poke when I finished!

Good Luck!

User Info: Kirby556

8 years ago#9
^Look,everyone knows about that.
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User Info: videogamer20001

8 years ago#10
hey if you can create the wonder mail someone tell me how to do it.!!!!1
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