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Needs port to WiiU (Archived)KthulhuX11/21 5:11PM
This section is pretty much dead now. (Archived)Typhus_58/5/2014
Favorite version of this classic (Archived)itchytasty9615/19/2014
I just love skipping the door animations (Archived)KeenanDX212/13/2013
Popped this back in after a long while without playing, game now freezes (Archived)Stedinator111/1/2013
I bypassed the final boss WTF?! (Archived)Gameguy158/25/2013
Poll: What is the scariest Survival Horror Game (Archived)
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How the hell do I use the Knife at Start?? (Archived)Gameguy1107/8/2013
Urgent question concerning save slot/games & unlockables (Archived)Grombolar8414/9/2013
is this worth getting? (Archived)Shotgunner22/6/2013
Resident Evil Deadly Silence 2 on 3DS (Archived)IrishSJ23210/3/2012
Question about Jill's radio (possible spoilers) (Archived)BWayne0728/16/2012
How do I use Chris' Lighter? (Archived)IndegoRune28/5/2012
tips to unlock Rocket Launcher in both modes? (Archived)shaka de virgem22/16/2012
Lol, clear time 3 hours and 2 SECS! (Archived)Richman80112/25/2011
will rebirth mode work on the 3ds ? (Archived)magiceddie05310/10/2011
unlockables!!! (Archived)crazy_magnum96210/1/2011
Best version of original? (Archived)
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3DS won't detect the game... (Archived)therealdeal222268/10/2011
Can somebody explain the multipla.yer experience of this game.. (Archived)Albert_Wesker9416/27/2011
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