For older online players

#1Blue_Eyed_SoulPosted 3/25/2012 9:40:15 PM
Hey, before anybody replies I just want to say be civil here and no bashing no matter who you had a problem with. But anyways, on with what I was going to say. I doubt anybody will read this but if you do, feel free to reply. So lately I have been thinking about what happened to everybody from this game, and what they have been up to. What life has brought them and all. Anyways I was AAA Aaron on the game...yes THAT Aaron xD And yes, I have matured since the game. But anyways these days what I do is work on music, hang with peeps, and do whatever. Enough about myself. How has everybody else been if you see this?
GINGERS HAVE SOULS! ;) (I'm not ginger) xD