This game is pretty decent and well polished, but it's just plain shallow.

#1CrapFactoryPosted 2/18/2010 3:59:45 AM
At first I was very impressed for it being a free (mostly) game. However as time went on through the past few days it's just shallow.

I assume it would improve if you did major teamspeak with a guild or something but bleh... I don't wanna lol.

Basically there aren't enough units. It starts feeling hack and slash after a bit. The customization... I would just like more.

I also don't like feeling like a unit. In the long run I don't feel significant and feel like I'm just another RTS unit. As for the Commander, usually it just feels like a gimped RTS game. I'd love to control a few NPCs or something... Instead I build, I wait, I try to command mostly people who don't listen. It's just not compelling enough and feels incomplete.

You're either a usually and insignificant unit. Even on the highs like being siege and taking out their bases it doesn't feel high enough to make you feel awesome.
Or you're a commander without much interesting things to do besides watch your gold go up and build crap then draw doodles on the map.

#2CrapFactory(Topic Creator)Posted 2/28/2010 8:47:17 AM
Hellborn units can be played once per ACCOUNT. I originally thought it was once a round.

This "incentive" to try to get us to buy a premium account is more insulting than anything else. I will now never buy anything from that company and dev team (not that I ever have).