ABC Xbla 4/21, PSN 4/22

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XBLA is 4/21 and PSN is 4/22. Only $10!!
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Afterburner Climax update!!

They updated the website, please check here!

Some cool stuff!

Besides EX options, leaderboards, and medals, flight stick support, the COOLEST new feature is:

TRAINING / STAGE SELECT mode!! (and choice of difficulty per stage!)

This is so so cool! Like in Outrun2006, you could choose one track, and time trial lap the track as many times as you liked!

I知 not sure if this training lets you keep flying the same stage over and over, but if it does, that is sweetness! Flying your favorite stage over and over is cool! Even if it is just once through the stage, its cool to choose your fave and play away!!

If we can fly the stage over and over, it値l be like I知 on auto pilot and I値l play my favorite stage for 5 or 10 minutes! = )

In playing the game, each stage is excellent, but practicing on one will help for the full play through in scoring points.

The stages feel kind of short, so your favorite one flies by too fast, I知 really excited for this feature!!!

April21&22 can稚 come soon enough!!!

Also, even though there is no COOP online multiplayer mode, I will play this with anyone in Xbox Live Party mode, and we can talk as we play and start the game at the same time. !!!! = ) Just msg me and we can play. I will play this game 24/7!!

XBL & PSN: AM2Model3
SegaAllStarRacing, RyuGaGotoku4, and AFTERBURNER CLIMAX!!!