The dude who did the Twilight Forest Map...

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8 years ago#1
Is wrong.

I can't get out of this friggin place, and I've followed the map verbatim.
8 years ago#2
Menu > Items > Escape Scroll > You're out
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8 years ago#3
The map isn't wrong, you are just retarded. The first time I played through the Twilight Forest I used the map and was able to not only navigate it, but grab all the treasures as well.
8 years ago#4
My first playthrough was without the map, and let me tell you, I was lost and frustrated for hours. The 2nd playthrough I used the map and got every treasure and never got lost once. If you're getting lost, then you're just not following the map correctly.
8 years ago#5
The map is a huge help, it may not be totally accurate, but its better then going in with a blind eye. I tried on my 4th play through without and I spent about an hour trying to get to the ruins.

8 years ago#6
When it comes to areas like that, the basic rule is follow the left or right wall, just keep hugging it and eventually you will get through though that is the most annoying area in the game.
8 years ago#7
the map may have proportions that are not accurate, but it correctly describes the paths and where they are relative to other paths. in actuality many of the distances are probably shorter.. so you'll pass by a lot of paths quickly in certain areas without noticing, if you're trying to measure by the guide map.
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