I'm finally playing this game and undub question

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Got a copy of the game off local pawn shop. Been playing in and the voice acting is decent. It is no ff12 but it isn't as bad as most other lesser known rpgs. I generally prefer english voice acting in games (as opposed to foreign movies/anime) but I was just wondering if the undub version is a lot better?

Off-topic I am very much into rpgs but never tried this game earlier as the loading times and sheer number of characters put me off. I finally decided to play mostly because this gen rpgs suck. This game is delightful. It is amazingly fun and the load times aren't even that bad. I was actually 16 hours into it until a relatives kid came over and overwrote my save game while I wasn't home. The ps2 was in my room too. Man that PISSED me off.

I restarted and currently at the rune store for the first time with Kyle and Lyon. I sold some medicines and that spare fancy clothes so I could sharpen my weapon and buy an earth rune. Last time around I didn't buy any runes but this time I want to just for fun. Or should I save my money for later?

Last question if you can be bothered answering or reading this far, is Suikoden II really good? I looked up some videos of it on youtube and I actually really like the graphics and gameplay. I really want to know before I try to track this game down and make a relatively(for games) big investment in purchasing it.

Thanks heaps for reading. Sorry about the wall of text but I am just really excited to be playing a proper rpg again. Current gen rpgs are so bad.
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Suikoden II is a good game, but its also hard to find a copy at a reasonable price. It all depends on how much you are willing to spend on a game. Honestly it isn't worth what a lot of people are asking for it. I wouldn't pay over 60 for it, but thats me. I still have my old beat up copy from when it first came out. If you can find a decent price though, I really recommend picking it up.
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Suikoden II is very well worth it. Considered by many as the best Suikoden game up to date, it's also where Suiko V took points for it's game design. If you liked how the game looks then it'll be no problem for you to get that game. Finding a decent price may be hard, but at least try hunting it down. In short, find it and get it.
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I restarted and currently at the rune store for the first time with Kyle and Lyon. I sold some medicines and that spare fancy clothes so I could sharpen my weapon and buy an earth rune. Last time around I didn't buy any runes but this time I want to just for fun. Or should I save my money for later?

To get back to your original question

Shame you sold the spare clothes you could have given them to Kype strip him of his knight armor it is much better than what you have between the Prince and Lyon. JMO but if you really want to spend money at the Rune shop paty have Kyles Water rune removed and put on Prince or Lyon it will better for the time being than the Earty Rune and less expensive. Otherwhise save the cash try to get Prince and Lyons weapon to at least level 3

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I took your advice n did not buy the runes but I didn't take Kyles either though I did steal his armor.
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If you like Suikoden 5, you'll certainly like Suikoden 2. A lot of S5 was inspired by S2. Though I'd start with Suikoden 1.
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Its been a very long time since I played a new game instead of a new game+ so my advice may be a bit off.

Personally I sell all the equipment off of Georg, Sialeeds, Kyle and everyone else I encounter until I get the person who has the Star rune (with the exception of the Hero and Lyon). I kick everyone out of the party except for the Hero and Lyon and rely on the accelerated leveling and SP gain that I get from having a paired down party to keep my relative strength high.

Since its your first playthrough, I'd also suggest slapping water runes on both the hero and Lyon, they're both competent mages so they should have no problem using them for healing and the occasional group damage spell.

Once you gain access to the big-hole west of Rainwall, hunt the spiders there for Eyeball rings, having 2-3 of those equipped should prevent you from ever having to heal again.

Buy Prosperity Rings as soon as you can and try to keep at least 2 equipped on all active party members (with a full party this will more than double your potch intake)

When you get to Lelcar, buy Double-Edged runes (150k each) for all your fighters, the extra life they'll be getting off the eyeball rings will offset the extra damage you'll be taking, as will the shortened length of the battles.

Try to avoid killing anything with Georg, if he kills more than 10 enemies before you can get a Saint's Cloak on him then he'll be utterly useless in the late game.

Try not to waste SP on anyone your not actually going to use

Best Short Range Fighters
Richard (excessive damage, 3 attacks, extremely high parry rate, fast)
Georg (high damage, random instant kill, high weapon defense rate, terrible mdef)
Belcoot (can wear heavier armor than the other two, high damage and good blocking)
Miakis (High damage and speed, also a good mage)

Mid Range
Hero (good all-arounder, epic skills promote him will make him one of the best in the game)
Lyon (almost as good as the Hero)

Long Range
Sagiri (good damage, high speed and high probability of multiple attacks)
Lu (good damage, high speed and high probability of multiple attacks)

Best Mages
Zerase (Extremely High magical damage, can use Magic Abs Rune, decent long range damage)
Jeane (Good mage, can change out runes and use Magic Abs Rune)
Levi (Good mage, no locked slots)
Bernadette (Good mage, no locked slots, decent long range damage, elemental affinities leave something to be desired)

You'll also be forced to use Zweig and Kyle during certain plot battles, you can get by without improving them though if you're careful about party structure.

Suikoden II: Play it, and all the other Suikoden titles. The only one that's not really worth it is IV, but you can usually get it for $5-10 so play it anyway so you'll get the references in V. If you're only going to play one more though, then go with III, its a very different game from V, but is definitely one of the best entries in the series.
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as much of a weaboo as i am, i absolutely loved the english VA.

it's really damn good.

i played the undub and it's exactly what i expected, down to pretty much every last VA chosen, but it's not "better" imo
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I personally paid $120 for Suikoden II off ebay, and I think it was worth every penny. One of the best games in my collection as well as the one I play the most next to Legend of Dragoon.
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