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Tir/Riou/Lazlo/Freyjadour/Seig. Canon, fanon or lemon? (Poll)
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Finally i got the game! and little comment about battle (Archived)Musicazzz76/2 11:29AM
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If S6 ever comes out and is chronologically after Suikoden 3, what should it be (Archived)
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Would you support Prince x Lymsleia (Archived)
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Just started playing this, and the thing I like most... (Archived)MajinBalthier75/6 9:18PM
Which suikoden game would you say is the best in terms of town/city design? (Poll)
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Do you guys consider Gizel........*spoilers* (Archived)
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Just beat SV. I give it a 92/100 review score. Got some questions *spoilers* (Archived)
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Tried this a few times and never got far but going to try again... (Archived)hideousfranchis34/16 1:24AM
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who are some of the top melee characters that aren't obvious (underrated i mean) (Archived)
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I don't get this comment from tech tv's Xplay review of suikoden 5 (Archived)Flamechamp233384/5 11:26PM
My level 60 Kiley just crit for 9999 damage. (Archived)Flamechamp233323/28 8:58PM
What's with the kinky scenes between princess Lym & Hero? (Archived)
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Any world maps of the suikoden world (s)? Like a diagram of it all? (Archived)
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